Finally, this feat is a [vile] feat, a special kind of feats that only intelligent creatures of evil alignment may acquire. Please login or register. The downside is that the times you can use Action Surge is limited by the action points you receive at each level remember that any unspent points from previous levels are lost, so use them! I didn’t say they had to. Arcane Thesis – Too Powerful or Balanced?

I didn’t say they had to. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Funny post I want easy access to. That should be in errata, not the FAQ. Is the text I posted about arcane thesis incorrect? Let’s stick to the rules as long as possible, leaving DM fiat behind all the time.

So while a 7th level wizard can cast an Arcane thesised empowered acid arrowas a third level spell, he can’t squeeze in another metamagic feat, nor could he cast a Arcane thesised maximized acid arrowas both of these scenarios would push the effective spell level beyond four.

Official Errata time! – The Lost Paradise

Wish I knew the dates on the first series of entires on the FAQ. Know any humanoids or small to large tjesis that use manufactured weapons or armor that can stay standing with a 1 Strength?

And the feta one you have as part of the required 4, Heighten Spell, does not benefit from AT In any case, like others said Halinn Legendary Member Posts: So try and look at it in the best ways it will be used, not the worst most unlikely ways. So as an example, no 7th level Wizard, can stack on metamagical feats to cast a spell of effective level higher than 4th, regardless of various reductions. I used magic missile as the example because it is pretty much the conventional arfane basic attack spell at low levels.


What good is the faq if it gets the rules wrong? See Split Ray eventually for even more cheeze-wiz. Originally Posted by Jade Dragon.

arcane thesis feat errata

That’s funny because some of the stuff the error checking document isn’t about feay errors. If you have questions about 3. Your license is valid, the correct answers from before trumps the update. Reset Fields Log in.

The Wizard’s Handbook Part II

Such a character cannot yet handle the energies required. Are arcane and divine casters too powerful? It’s a stupid ruling to consider.

arcane thesis feat errata

Once you hit CL 11, it surpasses your magic missile example in damage. I ask because one of my players is looking at getting Arcane Thesis and wanted erraga to see if I would allow the feat in my campaign.

Arcane Thesis – errata Right, thanks for the clarification! Arcane thesis was clarified see the PHB2 errata on the wotc website to subtract 1 only from the final spell lv.


D&d arcane thesis errata

Halinn on February 08, It is just like Iron Chef but comes with double the prize money. Favorite spell for arcane thesis? I ask because one of my players is looking at getting Arcane Eerrata and wanted fear to see if I would allow the feat in my campaign.

The errata version is way over the top. That’s why we get Invisible Spell for those ones. Wizards get free metamagic feats, and tons of the desireable caster PrCs require metamagic feats anyways. Arcane Thesis – Too Powerful or Balanced? So, it’s already quite feat starved. Once you hit CL 11, it surpasses your magic missile example in damage.

arcane thesis feat errata

You can’t ever cast a spell of a higher level prior to reductions than you could cast ordinarily. February 06, Why compare scorching ray to magic missile when I already showcased it doing more damage than a tnesis level spell, as a 9th level caster even.