For this reason, it is important that the group members both work well together and are socially compatible. The final grade will be based upon the evaluation of the thesis itself by an external examiner and the supervisor. Oral defence of Bachelor’s project conducted abroad via Skype In order for the oral defence to take place abroad, your application for dispensation to hold your exam off-campus must have been granted. The form is only active during the registration period. Registration for the reexamination in September or December must take place no later than 1 July. Therefore, you must make absolutely sure that you upload the correct version.

Harassment, bullying and discrimination. Please note that you must bring your personal belongings with you when you leave the examination room. In agreement with your supervisor you can choose to hand in a Bachelor’s project within the same topic but with a modified problem statement. This brief account of the changes must be approved and signed by the supervisor. You must register your project with a preliminary title and a request for a supervisor 1 December the latest. There are advantages of writing a bachelor’s project in a group, because you will have someone to be your partner to discuss and reflect on theories and ideas with. If you fail your thesis there are other rules and submission deadlines see below:

Remember to state your student number in the subject field.

Bachelor’s project

Read more on how to convert your paper to PDF. When you have handed in the project in WISEflow it will automatically be send to supervisor and external examiner. You log in to Blackboard and go to ‘Courses’, where you make a ‘Course search’ using the course name ‘BachelorBuddy’.

Use the news, the newspapers or the companies’ own websites to find problems that may be relevant for a bachelor’s thesis.

If you have not previously tried to upload an assignment in a WISEflow group flow, please read and follow the instructions carefully. All supervisors are specialised in each their different field. As an appendix to the thesis, you must attach a brief account explaining how the modified problem statement differs from the problem statement used for the second examination attempt.

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Before the registration deadline. Deliberation Afterwards you will be asked to leave the examination room, while your supervisor and co-examiner are deliberating.

bachelor thesis au bss

If you are looking for a writing partner or a member for your bachelor project group, you can sign up for BachelorBuddy in Blackboard. Handing in the bachelor’s project. You will then have to prepare a modified problem statement which must be approved by the supervisor. Discussion After your presentation, the supervisor and the external examiner will take over with questions and comments as the basis of a discussion with you about the project.

Furthermore, it is the largest business and social sciences unit in Denmark at university level with a broad academic scope. Thess who do not pass the reexamination in September or December must register for a new Bachelor’s project with a new topic according to the general rules for ordinary exams.

Borrowing and returning

It is not recommended to use a projector for the presentation as this always ends up taking time away from the presentation. It is important, that you read this catalogue in its entirety before the information meeting.

bachelor thesis au bss

When you upload your bachelor’s project in WISEflow, you must indicate in the ‘Cover’ whether the project contains confidential material. The academic supervisor must approve your title and problem statement. However, some companies might still ask for a confidentiality agreement between AU and the company.

The requirement must be formulated so that the individual student is responsible for the independent preparation of half of the assignment by groups of 2 students or one third of the assignment by groups of 3 studentsapart from the joint introduction and joint conclusion.

Submission of thesis

Therefore, you must make absolutely sure that you upload the correct version. Before the registration deadline. However, transcribing interviews will often lead to significantly better analyses tjesis the data. You will receive an e-mail from WISEflow when it is possible to upload your project.


The deadline for submission of the Bachelor’s project at reexamination is 1 September or 1 December. Presentation The oral exam starts with a presentation of the project approx. You will have the chance to get clarified potential more general moot points, which may have arisen since your enrolment for the project.

In agreement with your supervisor you can choose to hand in a Bachelor’s project within the same topic but with a modified problem statement. Guidelines for written assignments. The project thessi evaluated solely on the basis of the contents of the main project and therefore the main project must be a complete and meaningful document independent of the appendices.

Identical course descriptions for each institution have been made and can be found here:. If you are part of a group, there are no requirements concerning the division of content in the first 5 minutes.

bachelor thesis au bss

If your maximum duration of studies is extended or shortened, your automatic registration will sbs on your maximum duration of studies. It is important that you do not wait until you bsd handed in your project or until after the defence to address these issues, as misunderstandings or issues about the supervision process are not grounds for a subsequent complaint about the final grade. If you are unable to find a supervisor as the deadline approaches, you must register your project with a working title and description of the project before the deadline.