It can be a lot of work to juggle the committees, studying and my job, but if you keep up with your reading and assignments, it is definitely doable to join things like committees. There are lots of opportunities for doing activities related to your degree programme. There are also possibilities to visit an international university and follow related courses. The first reviewer determines the final grade, and inserts that into the assessment form. The beginning of the presentation showed that many economic and technical setbacks were faced during this project.

Documents With your application, you must enclose the following documents: Follow the UG facebook twitter linkedin rss instagram youtube. It covers a wide range of topics and gives students the opportunity to explore their own fields of interest within physical and institutional design. The Bachelor’s programme in Human Geography and Urban and Regional Planning teaches you about people and how they view the world. You consent to this by clicking on Accept. For large or small consultancy agencies:

Take a look at Before Departureincluding subletting your room, important documentation, emergency contacts and insurances. You learn to view issues from all possible angles Read more. Many factors play a role in finding a solution to this kind of problem: Your request must include a thess in Course Approval Form and supporting documentation.

bachelor thesis planologie

Please note that this question form can only be reached by using Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Technische planologie revolves around physical thesjs institutional design. In Dutch the programme is called Technische Planologie.


Dutch students International students. Support The International Office Geosciences supports you if you are going to a Geosciences partner university. Students with an international diploma should have an international degree equivalent to a Dutch pre-university vwo degree.

Human Geography & Urban and Regional Planning

You consent to this by clicking on Accept. After your return, you must hand in the transcript of records your list of marks in hard copy to the International Office Geosciencesand attach the course descriptions and any explanations. Graduation If you need bcahelor transcript in time because of your graduation deadline you should contact your host university about this. When I watch the news, I can relate most of the items to something I have learned during the programme.

Binding study advice A minimum of 45 EC in the first 12 months binding.

Study abroad – Sociale geografie en planologie – Studenten | Universiteit Utrecht

Are you fascinated by maps? After the film and presentation we went on site to take a look at the infrastructure project. Questions about going abroad? It is small, but it has everything you need. Sociale Geografie en Planologie may be the right choice planologis you. The strength of the programme lies in its combination of five fields: Prerequisites The conditions you have to meet if you want to apply are the following: How do you deal with a complex built environment and related planning processes?


bachelor thesis planologie

Dutch students Let op: After the tour we got the opportunity to ask some questions and we made a nice group photo. I love living here. Nienke Harteveld Study advisor Email: The Honours College gives talented, motivated students the opportunity to challenge themselves even more.

bachelor thesis planologie

As first year students this was a fun way to learn something relevant to our study programme and got an first impression about where we might end up later in the work field. The Faculty of Spatial Sciences takes a small-scale approach and we help our students to learn how to work independently. The International Office will contact you around the middle of February latest about the decision, and if accepted which university you will go to.

Een overzicht van de data voor diploma uitreikingen vind je hier.

In the past students had more than a few times to change their preliminary course selection along the way due to several reasons.

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