It is one of the main Chinese companies that manufactures and markets motorcycles ranging from 50 cc to cc and engine parts. This created several administrative problems and misunderstandings: There are many reasons for companies to enter into the global market, for example the local market have reached the point of saturation or there are no more opportunities for growth. Strategy and General Management. This is just a sample partial case solution.

Qianjiang Group had opportunity to build its own plant in Taiwan because political conditions had improved. Decision-making power was highly concentrated in the hands of the managing director. The acquired company is a small Italian firm which designs and produces motorcycles in the heavy segment of the market, i. Chinese are willing to work at night and on Sundays, whereas Italians considered this quite absurd, even in case of urgent or strategic deadlines. Qianjiang Group had great opportunity to expand into those markets especially in Brazil where growth rate was The findings suggest that while superficial product-portfolio and cost benefits can accrue due to the acquisition, cultural and administrative differences and lack of synergies can prevent the acquirer from fully integrating the intangible assets, particularly human resource talent, of the acquired firm. Register Submit to us Case writing resources Case writing scholarships How to submit your case Online case submission Why submit your case to us?

benelli and qj case study

Help Center Find new research papers in: Referring back to the framework described in the first part of the paper, problems related to the post-acquisition phase may have been related to the development of relational capital as well as to the coordination of human resources. In addition, it had invested large amount in order to increase efficiency and reduce cost but it was not helping out Qianjiang Group to penetrate into the European market.

Benelli and qj case study

In the following section Qianjiang Group strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats have been analyzed in detail. Despite benlli high profile cases of failure and the widespread problems in post-purchase integration, Chinese investment continues to grow. Numerous national and international titles were won, leading to increased visibility and success in the European market. Qianjiang Group had great opportunity to expand into those markets especially in Brazil where growth rate was Click here to sign up.


The Chinese production of these products should be stopped, for the company to redistribute their product lines to and models sgudy can become stars or cows. Gugler edsChinese International Investments. In the past, with the previous owners, more data had been available, especially at the industrial level.

Qianjiang Group was able to provide low priced motorcycle to its customers and it also had manufacturing plant in Indonesia. The acquired company loses its identity and its senior executives are replaced. However, the golden age of the firm snd to an end in the s due to strong competition from Japanese producers.

benelli and qj case study

Given that some Chinese firms do not fully appreciate or are unable to internalise the value of brand management and marketing, there may be a stronger need to localise these elements.

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Benelli and qj case study

A budget system, as well as a simplified system of industrial accounting, was put into place. The extent of these changes depends on the size of the foreign subsidiaries relative to the size of the domestic firms, the location of the foreign units, the characteristics of the host business system and the type of investment in technologically advanced and rich markets vs.

Moreover, Italian and Chinese workers seem csae have had different perceptions of time and punctuality. However, other research proposes a strategic intent perspective SIP to explain the foreign acquisitions by Chinese firms.

The most valuable in-depth information was derived from repeated direct, open- ended and non-structured interviews with executives, top- and middle-level managers and shop-floor workers.


benelli and qj case study

Analyze the environment, study and company to identify problems. Qianjiang Group was one of the largest state-owned companies studg China and it was formed in Then the content, format, and representations of the data needed for decision tree classification study defined.

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Much was absorbed regarding design, manufacturing, branding and cross-cultural communications beenelli management. Product details Share this page: Benelli had planned to enter into the racing activity. Specific mechanisms are activated to coordinate human resources and to develop trust and relational capital.

Tax ID Qu Financial statements and balance sheets of the acquired company At the intra-firm level, cultural distances and differences in terms of business priorities may explain the Chinese perceived lack of importance of investments in the image of the firm, in market visibility, and in customer care.

Bneelli and Qj compete in the international behelli arena. Whereas Chinese workers tend to have a strong commitment to the success of the firm, the more individualistic Italian culture weakens any sense of belonging. Please place the order on the website to order your own originally done case solution. For Chinese, work is a part of life and devotion to work may extend to family circles.

Initially, things were going smooth but with the passage of time Qianjiang Group faced many challenges like cultural difference. His main research topic is related to management and cultural problems in internationalisation processes of firms. Only several people from China were relocated to Italy: