But still, the day before his death, resting under a fig tree, his soul filled with joy at the glorious landscape, he worked on his final work which unfortunately, was left unfinished. In his dissertation, he established a geometric foundation for complex analysis through Riemann surfaces , through which multi-valued functions like the logarithm with infinitely many sheets or the square root with two sheets could become one-to-one functions. The second part of Riemann’s lecture posed deep questions about the relationship of geometry to the world we live in. The proof of the existence of such differential equations by previously known monodromy matrices is one of the Hilbert problems. Gradually he overcame his natural shyness and established a rapport with his audience. In his habilitation work on Fourier series , where he followed the work of his teacher Dirichlet, he showed that Riemann-integrable functions are “representable” by Fourier series.

Their proposal read [6]: Beings living on the surface may discover the curvature of their world and compute it at any point as a consequence of observed deviations from Pythagoras ‘ theorem. The Riemann hypothesis was one of a series of conjectures he made about the function’s properties. Wikiquote has quotations related to: Through his pioneering contributions to differential geometry , Riemann laid the foundations of the mathematics of general relativity.

Bernhard Riemann

In his habilitation work on Fourier serieswhere he followed the work of his teacher Riemaann, he showed that Riemann-integrable functions are “representable” by Fourier series. Weierstrass had shown that a minimising function was not guaranteed by the Dirichlet Principle.

Gauss recommended that Riemann give up his theological work and enter the mathematical field; after habilitahion his father’s approval, Riemann transferred to the University of Berlin in Georg Friedrich Bernhard Riemann German: The main purpose of the paper was to give estimates for the dissrrtation of primes less than a given number.


Riemann was always very close to his family and he would never have changed courses without his father’s permission. Riemann’s published works opened up research areas combining analysis with geometry.

However, once there, he began studying mathematics under Carl Friedrich Gauss specifically his lectures on the method of least squares.

Dedekind writes in [3]: On one occasion he lent Bernhard Legendre ‘s book on the theory of numbers and Bernhard read the page book in six days. In the mathematical apparatus developed from Riemann’s address, Einstein found the frame to fit his physical ideas, his cosmologyand cosmogony: Riemann refused to publish incomplete work, and some deep insights may have been lost forever.

In fact his mother had died when Riemann was 20 while his brother and three sisters all died young.

In the field of real analysis, he is mostly known for the first rigorous formulation of the integral, the Riemann integraland his work on Fourier series. Gradually he overcame his natural shyness and established a rapport with his audience.

Bernhard was the second of their six children, two boys and four girls.

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This area of mathematics is part of the foundation of topology and is still being applied in novel ways to mathematical physics. While preceding papers have shown that if a function possesses such and such a property, then it can be represented by a Fourier serieswe pose the reverse question: Square Rectangle Rhombus Rhomboid.

When Riemann’s work appeared, Weierstrass withdrew his paper from Crelle’s Journal and did not publish it. For the proof of the existence of functions on Riemann surfaces he used a minimality condition, which he called the Dirichlet principle.


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Riemann’s idea was to introduce a collection of numbers at every point in space i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. InGauss asked his student Riemann to prepare a Habilitationsschrift on the foundations of geometry. Riemann had quite a different opinion.

bernhard riemann habilitation dissertation

Although only eight students attended the lectures, Riemann was completely happy. He is considered by many to be one of the greatest mathematicians of all time.

The Dirichlet Principle did not originate with Dirichlethowever, as GaussGreen and Thomson had all made use if it. They had one daughter. Riemann also investigated period matrices and characterized them through the “Riemannian period relations” symmetric, habilitatin part negative.

bernhard riemann habilitation dissertation

His teachers were amazed by his adept ability to perform complicated mathematical operations, in which he often outstripped his instructor’s knowledge. However, the brilliant ideas which his works contain are so much clearer because his work is not overly filled with lengthy computations.

Their proposal read [6]: In October he set to work on his lectures on partial differential equations. The Dirichlet Principle which Riemann had used in his doctoral thesis was used by him again for the results of this paper. Riemann was a dedicated Christian, the son of a Protestant minister, and saw his life as a mathematician as another way to serve God.

In the field of real analysishe discovered the Riemann integral in his habilitation.