The business will commence its operations in the year January 1st. There will this provision of different qualities and quantities. Marketing Plan The business potential customers will include the dwellers of Mathare North Area , various cafes and food kiosk owners. They will be providing both skilled and unskilled labor. Customers The targeted customers will be grouped according to their potentiality of buying. Premises The business will operate in Mathare North area three. The business area will also depend on the status of the market:

The owner would have proved that there is unemployment in Kenya. Cleanliness personal hygiene and the working area ii. After registration, the business will get a license Ksh. Creating awareness; this will be made possible by putting posters in some strategic areas indicating the location and variety of products offered. Communication must be open, honest and prompt vi. O Box Nairobi.

This will give the business security and hope of continuity in case of break of this risk.

business plan knec format

Due to unemployment those unemployed will get their cheaply available meals from the kiosk and cafes hence growth of cereals stores. Employing highly skilled personnel i.


Remember me on this computer. They include those customers in slums owning food kiosks, because most of the customers for food in kiosks are prefer eating from kiosks which is cheaper. This shall be paid also according to the water used.


After registration, the business will get a license Ksh. The business shall follow the criteria as shown below 1. The main activity of the business will busniess selling of various types of cereals.

This development will be done by different personnel in different hours using different equipment in order to suit the market as shown below.

Determine the importance of the product in the area 3. Ombati for guidance and support during the business plan. The Business Plan Format.

Skip to main content. Help Center Find new research papers in: The business shall use a direct channel of distribution which will be very short and no middle men shall be involved. Business rules and regulations Rahisi cereals stores shall have the following rules for the effective customer relations i. Janet Mutanu Nzyoki Admin No: This will be possible because the owner will have accumulated enough capital, will have acquired enough entrepreneur skills businrss also will have discovered there is unemployment in Kenya, hence creating employment.

Labor The business will have a capacity of 8 laborers at the start up.


The business area will also depend on the status of the market: Cleanliness personal hygiene and the working area ii. The employees will also be allowed to attend seminars for more skills outside the business premises b Recruitment This will be done to identify the right and qualified workforce for the business. They would require Ksh 64, per month as salary. The table below lists the important elements of a business plan and offers some simple points that need to be taken into consideration in regard to each section.


Directing and controlling business operations v. These will include cormat, beans, peas, cow peas, flour, sugar rice, muthokoi etc. This will be the bases for advanced technology.

business plan knec format

Before getting a license the business will be registered at Sheria house in Businrss Avenue. This will provide security of the business money and it earns some interest. Health Care Standards Licences. New Markets – New Customers.

business plan knec format

Management Technology The business managers shall perform the following duties i. These issues can be grouped under six major areas that are the pillars of every business activity whether large or small.

With rapid growth of hotels, cereals demands seem to increase with time. All the accounts will be under the cashier who will control credits, keep books of accounts and receive payments and businexs on behalf of the business. Pay the initial rent and furnishing the rooms as well as writing the name of the business and what it offers on the doors.