The worker will be motivated through; being paid on time as well as overtime hours. It will commence on 1st January, The format provides you with a framework for presenting your thoughts, ideas and strategies in a logical, consistent and coherent manner. These must be stored in a leak proof roof, well ventilated and drained room to avoid rotting and destruction by rodents e. The climatic ecological condition in Kenya as a whole are favorable for growing of crops hence continuous supply of grains.

This will help them to have knowledge of the product and its maintenance Unskilled laborers will be used for loading and unloading bags, cleaning stores and business premises. My sincere thanks also go to my parents Joseph and Roda Nzyoki and my cousin Felix Malombe for their moral, social and financial support during writing of the business plan. The business will commence its operations in the year January 1st. The business shall use a direct channel of distribution which will be very short and no middle men shall be involved. It shall be opened from 8. Collecting all legal documents like licenses ii. O BOX Nairobi ii.

business plan knec format

It shall be opened from 8. Creating awareness; this will be made possible by putting posters in some strategic areas indicating the location and variety of products offered.

plna Future of the industry With increased rural to urban migration the population of Nairobi seems to increase rapidly. A customer being the base line of every successful business, he will determine the growth of the business.


The bill is paid according to the amount of electricity used.

Skip to main content. This will cost the business Ksh. Self-organization of the working place v. Ensure customer satisfaction through fulfilling his needs and solving his problems vii.

Ombati for guidance and support during the business plan. Help Center Find new research papers in: The customer will give views.


The business will depend upon the following social amenities for the proper running of its operations: With rapid growth of hotels, cereals demands seem to increase with time. There are three hospitals surrounding the business premises. Sorting and sieving grains to remove stones, rotten grains, and chaff to sell clean products Install at least a fire extinguisher to cater for any fire outbreak.

The owner will have accumulated enough capital through personal savings.

These must be stored in a leak proof roof, well ventilated and drained room to avoid rotting and destruction by rodents e. Then gormat shall be paid through Nairobi City Council, P.

business plan knec format

Opening at the right time without delay iii. As business grows, a computer will be bought so that all transactions are entered for references.


Materials This will include stock which includes maize, beans, peas, cowpeas, sugar, and flour. Pricing; the business shall offer low prices than its competitors to attract more customers v.


Organization Chart At the start up, the business will take the organization structure style as shown in the chart below: The bill will be paid through the branches of Kenya Power and Lighting Company.

business plan knec format

In case of sickness one shall get sick-off. Management Technology The business managers shall perform the following duties i. Marketing Plan The business potential customers will include the dwellers of Mathare North Areavarious cafes and food kiosk owners. They will be free from weevils through additional of pesticides in the sacks. Before getting a license the business will be registered at Sheria house in Kenyatta Avenue. Install alarms for security especially against theft.

Commercial Customers These customers buy products for sale at a profit. The business is also going to face two competitors namely; Gatitu Cereals Stores and Tumaini Grains stores. These issues can be grouped under six major areas that are the pillars of every business activity whether large or small.

Business rules and regulations Rahisi cereals stores shall have the following rules for the effective customer relations i. This shall be paid also according to the water used.