Helps in knowing the attributes of the service Comparing the features with other services Reinforces the beliefs about the product All of the above 4. Thanks Pradeep for your comment. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: For the passion and spirit. Indian telecom industry underwent a high pace of market liberalization and growth since the s and now has become the world’s most competitive and one of the fastest growing telecom markets. Any literature, data or works done by others and cited within this dissertation has been given due acknowledgement and listed in the reference section.

The Making of Zoozoos Campaign. The responses from the Indian audience are phenomenal. From this we can say that presently people are quite updated on the advertisements. As Vodafone was a new brand in India, it had a challenging task to develop its own entity and it had done it in a splendid way. They showed emotions in just a way the normal Humans do. In fact it is expected that over the next years advertising will move away from a one way communication model to the one that is highly interactive.

Hutch’s Pug to Vodafone’s ZooZoo – A story of successful brand transition.

Thanks Pradeep for your comment. The ads were no more sweet and cute although they had a wider appeal owing to the young generation in the ads and the intentional humor.

The real test of effectiveness of Vodafone lies in its objective achievement. Advertising is the non-price war where advertisements are the way to cut the chance of the competitors by making vodafoen of various strategies.


Hutch’s Pug to Vodafone’s ZooZoo – A story of successful brand transition. | Ramblogs

Should all of India be declared an They simply did the job of communicating the various VAS in vodadone fascinating way. In the second phase, after the release of these ads, Vodafone promoted these characters on social media sites, which was another wise decision.

Lets see how they perform. Lets check it out.

Which Nation… March 1, This cae a significant chapter in the history of telecom, as the evolution of Vodafone, considered to be a very dynamic and at the time ever- growing brand. Its Vodafone Global Enterprise division provides telecommunications and IT services to casee clients in over 65 countries. Zoozoos are small pseudo-animated characters with big egg-shaped head, round belly but extremely thin arms and legs. Another group of 25 students on a stratified sampling basis are mailed the same questionnaire and data is collected from them.

The year was a big one for Alexander Graham Bell. Irfan Khan Somnath Mukharjee The consumers enjoy watching them.

It was brand new and innovative concept and also Vodafone wonderfully promoted cwse services by creating different and more interesting stories featuring Zoozooz in it. Political Nepotism is… January 13, The ability to convey information quickly, accurately, and efficiently has always been one of the main focuses driving human innovation.

case study on vodafone zoozoo

Was it the curiosity that it generated in the minds of people, or a strange acting led it so? The advertising strategy behind it proved itself from the fact that the name Zoozooz got coupled with the brand Vodafone and gathered more publicity and reception than IPL. Great collection of ads!!


Vodafone Essar’s Advertising Strategy – The ‘Zoozoos’ Campaign

They are able to identify their own need with the message that the Mascot wants to convey. The ads had a very simple message that was communicated through the dog with backdrop of a beautiful song.

It concludes oon these particular ads were more effective in promoting ad and brand attitudes, brand interest, purchase intentions, ad and brand WOM intentions, as well as perceived ad expenditure and effort. Vodafone ads are also very good.

case study on vodafone zoozoo

It also has helped to increase the transparency of governance with the introduction of e-governance in India.

Quantum Computer Technology Explained April 24, To convey a specific VAS offered vodzfone the company, each ad used a story which was enacted by the Zoozoos. An Oligopoly has and unique feature which is characterized by a few sellers an more buyers with products Homogenous and have Mutual interdependence.

Hutch was able to make a close connection with the people through this Hutch- Pug dog campaign and will this relationship sustain after its acquisition by Vodafone? Reinforcement of belief about the studt, about its attributes.

If so then who…………. Zoozoos have been successful in giving Vodafone a makeover and establishing maximum brand presence.