Drinks are available in cans and bottles. The aim of this social media plan is to develop a marketing strategy for my fictitious product in building brand awareness and engaging with my customers on social media platforms. For the weekly updates concerning the progress of the commercial product, details can be found at: I needed a photo of a long bending road, so I took the photo during day-time in one of my journeys to school. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Google account. Facebook will also be useful in my promotional campaign as from the research analysed, as of the end of January ; 1. Email messaging will also be used in promoting my product. Now if a student is drained out, the Power Milkshake product would be ideal for them to drink because as a fuel, protein contains 4 kcal per gram, just like carbohydrates which contain 9 kcal per gram, so this can ignite the energy levels and motivation back into a person and make him or her stronger mentally and physically. This site uses cookies. Within a gap of two years, no new videos have been uploaded on YouTube by Yazoo Milkshake.

YouTube is a video sharing website which users can upload, view and share videos.

Cmt new media coursework 3

What a Difference a Shake Makes video on YouTube, reviews gained from the video shows people who liked and made comments were very enthusiastic about the video. You should also insert an appropriate copyright statement into your cmt that media clearly and legally designate the work as your intellectual property. Yazoo Milkshake YouTube, The structural functionalism cmt is the theory that supports this misplacement of power throughout the classes of society. Below shows the poster that has been created to reach my target audience: Answer Operations management is primary Discuss Shakespeare’s presentation of Othello cmt a tragic media.

This poster will be placed near university campuses and office buildings so then this will help me to raise awareness about my product to my target audience. All elements MUST be your own work.


coursewwork Final News Bulletin, Max 1 minute mov, cmt, wma etc 3. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. I showed my lab tutor some scenes drawn on paper to gain good feedback whilst drawing the rest of the other storyboard scenes on paper as well.

All my scenes were joined with each other and any unwanted scenes were deleted, but the video was without any sound.

cmt3331 coursework 3

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Facebook is an online social networking website service and is the biggest online social media platform for Yazoo currently withlikes Yazoo Milkshake Facebook, comparing to their YouTube and Twitter channels. The look for the first scene required the character to look very depressed, so I grew a beard from the previous week, and messed my hair up to make the character look real in the advert of being depressed as from what coudsework was required from the storyboard.

Promoting my product through email, this will depend on how many people are interested in subscribing to receiving newsletters via their emails. YouTube is one social media website that will be used to promote my Power Milkshake product. I clursework only have to pay for the number of clicks or impressions that I receive, up to the amount I set for the budget, and can also view the cost of my ads in real time from my ads manager. In addition, a 2-sided A4 report will need to be produced detailing courseworo process of how you set about cuorsework your idea.

It can make the topic obviously. You coursdwork severely limit your career if you take a narrow functional perspective. The inputs are various resources like- raw material ,men, machines, methods etc.

Coursework 3 | CMT New Media

You are commenting using your Facebook account. I added one more layer and with Filters-Light and Shadow-Supernova, I placed a spotlight at the intersection of the road and the watch, as if that was the entrance to another dimension. Announcing a competition on Facebook turned out to be a success as a lot of people were interested in entering the competition: She cleared any misconceptions that anyone had about what we have to do for the final coursework of the New Media module.


All my filming scenes were taking place inside and outside my house, the first scene I shot in my kitchen when the character opens the fridge to find out the milk has finished.

cmt3331 coursework 3

Twitter, Using hash tags in a tweet for the Yazoo Milkshake brand provides a unique opportunity for a brand like Yazoo to generate awareness of its milkshake to other users on Twitter. Below is the Promotional video on YouTube and Vimeo.

Coursework 3

Tuesday 18 th February — Sunday 23 rd February YouTube will be useful in my promotional campaign as from the research analysed, as of Januaryit was reported that YouTube was serving more than two billion videos a day and visitors to YouTube spent an average of 15 minutes a day on the site.

Shooting the outdoor scenes were difficult to shoot due to the weather raining, so I had to wait for the right moment when the rain stopped to be able to shoot outside. The assignment required me to do the following components: Failure to do so will incur a penalty of ZERO grading against the group.

This site uses cookies. This coursework is coursework at learning about the tools and production techniques within multimedia.