The result of this could be used in taking appropriate measures in furthering the academic excellence of the institution, not only in the country but in other parts of the globe as well. Expose Framework for Joomla 2. This is because the success of the country in terms of economic stability and progress is highly dependent on the quality of its manpower resources. Retrieved March 14, from http: Danilo Rubillos Levite, Jr.

Criminology program is to pursue a law enforcement career in the Philippine National Police. Published on May Categories: They cited career challenge to be their reason for accepting their first job. Also, an increasing number will be forced to accept jobs incommensurate with their level of training. Data gathering instrument The major instrument used in gathering the data was the questionnaire.

criminology thesis pccr

Criminology Graduate Students Handbook Majority did not change employment because of the security and stability that the job gives to them; 4. Table1 shows the total number of graduates for academic year and the total number of respondent thereof.

Criminology Thesis: Graduate Tracer Study: PCCR Graduates

Eustaquiohe found out that: There were no transferees among the respondents. It is employability then, criminolpgy employment that should be the prime responsibility of education with respect to the problems of graduates with becoming members of the occupational criminoloyy. Related to special skills, proximity to residence and other reasons ranked last each with frequencies of 1 or 6.

In the IPO model a process is viewed as a serie of l, s d es boxes proc cessing ele ements con nnected by inputs an outputs.


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The researchers acknowledge the support and help of their adviser Professor Virgilio A. And a few of parameters in knowing whether a school is still effective in delivering quality education to its students are the pcce of its graduate in the professional board examinations, the graduates employments status and the income level of new graduates. It refers to the graduates who are not gainfully working and receiving monetary compensation.

Cameron and Chickering pointed out that the notion of employability skills development in the university environment continues to challenge traditional thinking and concepts on higher education and raises the question of the role a university education provides.

Letter Request to Field Survey Questionnaire And for those who are no pcccr employed with their first job, their primary reason for leaving is salaries and benefits at a frequency of 6 thedis The results of the dry- run validity had been incorporated in the final copy of the instrument for reproduction. As gleaned from the table, it is obvious that it is dominated by males, with a frequency of 54 or Firms and societies typically invest in human capital for the development of their employees and citizens in hopes of a future return on these investments.

Rex Bookstore Manila, Walk-in ranks first with a frequency of 31 or The OECD is an important international organization whose views are highly influential. With the outcome of this research, the school could come-up with a concrete solution to address the flaws that the institution has.


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Longest waiting period on the average before landing first job after college was between I month to 6 months, 7. There are also respondents from several mega Manila locations: Employers Both the government and the private sectors could make use of the result as a spring board in the recruitment, selection and placement of highly-skilled criminology graduates.

criminology thesis pccr

Her study provided five variables namely: Salaries and benefits are still the main reason for changing job; Third, the first jobbers have underdeveloped work values.

Later on July 31,it offered a two years thssis program leading to the degree of Master of Arts in Criminology M.

criminology thesis pccr

As to their first job after college, many took 1 to 6 months to get a job, finding it by simply walking-in to apply. Of those employed, Name Address Contact no. Skills are developed in a controlled environment and primary emphasis is place on isolating the specific skills through repetition and drills. Salaries and benefits are tnesis main reason why graduates stay in the job even criminolohy it is irrelevant to the course; There were only 28 or Current students view the purpose of university education as a step to career preparation.

Different indicators of professional were presented: