Distribute Handout , give participants about five minutes to read the entries, and then ask if everyone understands what a turnaround phrase is. Reward the winning triad with apple turnovers or some other token reward. If so, how can it be restored, even in small spurts? If you are looking for the textbook reading guides for the old textbook, Holt, Rinehart, Winston’s Biology: What was your first reaction to the barber question?

But once these barriers have been identified, team members can work to remove them. Were you able to hold your tongue as you listened? Ask teams to add oxymorons of their own. Who in your work environment really keeps abreast of advances in your field? It can be used as a filler when there are spare moments before or after a break. What do you remember about business practices?


Were you able to hold your tongue as you listened? The exercise works well as a summarizing activity. It can be used with any number of participants. Encourage those seeking career advancement to meet wofksheet people who currently hold positions they themselves would one day like to hold.

(PDF) The Critical Thinking Tool Kit | Phan Chung –

However, if they work with others, they should talk in whispers so other participants are not distracted. After the winners have been determined, ask each participant to select a new partner. How are problems typically diagarm in your work unit? Once he or she receives a reply to this one question, he or she can respond to it without interrogative statements.


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Later, when we go to retrieve it, we will probably have difficulty finding it. The collective goal would be to generate at least ten new ideas each month, the best of which will be shared with supervisors once every six months. The exercise can be used as a warm-up activity at the very beginning of the training program when fear or discomfort may be overshadowing the natural enthusiasm for learning.

Then distribute Handout Then prepare, as a team, either a brief prediction of how the information cited may impact the future or a prediction about a trend that seems to be emerging.

Arrange the seating so pairs can work Preparation: Do you think he or she expressed his or her thoughts diplomatically?

Three distinct groups of people within any organization will benefit doagram this book: Plants Flower Coloring – color the parts of a flower; stamen, pistil, ovary, petals Leaf Coloring – color structures; xylem, phloem, bundle sheath, epidermis.

Particular Virtues Questions for Further Consideration: From there, participants work a second time to generate as many ideas as possible within time limits.

The fish the second man caught weighed ten pounds plus half of its weight. This sentence, for example, has two possible meanings: I know how demanding your jobs are—some of you are probably doing the work of one-and-a-half or even two people. We may have allowed the potential to be submerged, but it lies workshedt us, nonetheless. Territorial Behavior in Crickets – mark and observe crickets as they interact with each other.


critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

What do you wor,sheet about structures? What do you think about people who think today exactly the way they thought ten years ago? If your partner had a score of six or more in the right column, he or she is more oriented to left-brain thinking than the average person. Collect and shuffle the 3″ x 5″ cards. About 20 minutes Advance If possible, arrange seating so teams of four can work together.

critical thinking diagram worksheet 31-1

Ask for volunteers ddiagram organize a Monthly Mindbender or Corporate Conundrum contest. What might be lost because such questions are asked? What values or attitudes or perspective shifts have you undergone: Go to the main site at biologycorner. These brainbusters challenge and entertain us, develop our concentrative abilities, and sharpen our wits. This activity asks participants to respond quickly but appropriately to the matrix provided.

The second fish weighs twenty pounds, as shown in the following equation: