Vitamins – Fat soluble vitamins, water soluble vitamins and normal diet. Science and Practice – Nizel The dissertation shall be referred to the Examiners for the MOS examination The actual format of clinical examination in various specialities. Each trainee shall make at least 5 seminar presentations in each year. Dental Public Health 1. Dental Implant Prosthetics —Carl E.

Distribution of topics for each paper will be follows: Tests of significance — parametric and non-parametric tests Fisher extract test, Sign test, Median test, Mann Whitney test, Krusical Wallis one way analysis, Friedmann two way analysis, Regression analysis , Correlation and regression, Use of computers. Radiographic quality assurance and infection control. It sounds a little obvious, but I do know of some people who would send the type of work they think the professors want to see i. Facial spaces and their relations.

Preparation of frozen sections and cytological smears.


Cleanliness and maintenance of the dental chair allotted dissertatipn them and the surroundings of the PG clinic are the responsibilities of the individual PG students.

Other routine work as follows: The synopsis of dissertation should be submitted on or before the end of first six months from the date of admission.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

I received more responses, interviews and ultimately my great new opportunity. Bonding of SWA brackets and construction of suitable arch wire. Distribution of marks at the university examination: Fixed functional appliances – Herbst appliance, Jasper jumper etc – 5 cases.


Evaluation of patients for Disertation techniques and management of emergencies, various I.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Willingness to adopt, after a critical assessment, new methods and techniques of orthodontic management, developed from time to time based on scientific research, which are in the best interest of the patient. Performing ideal cavity preparation for various restorative materials for both primary and permanent teeth.

Oral microbiology affecting hard and soft tissues.

The etiology, pathophysiology, diagnosis and treatment planning of various common orthodontic problems. Submission of the library dissertation at the beginning of second year. Journal of Dentistry The performance is assessed by the guide by direct observation. Principles of surgery – developing a surgical diagnosis, basic necessities for surgery, aseptic techniques, incisions, flap designs, tissue handling, hemostasis, dead space management, decontamination and debridement, suturing, edema control, patient general health and nutrition.

dissertation guidelines ntruhs

Topic will be given to each candidate in the beginning of clinical examination. The ability to do literature search, in depth study, presentation skills and use of audio- visual aids are to be assessed using the Model Checklist 2, in Section IV.

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Interdisciplinary discussions and interactions. Direct and indirect composite restorations. Periodontology Periodontology is the science dealing with the health and diseases and investing and supporting structures of the teeth and oral mucous membranes. The PGs are expected to use all the prescribed personal protection disserrtation gloves, masks etc and follow universal precautions to all the patients.

Problem solving — a hypothetical oral health situation existing in a community is given with sufficient data.


Australian Dental Journal 5. Physical and chemical injuries, allergic and immunological diseases. Every candidate shall prepare a dissertation based on the clinical or experimental work or any other study conducted by them under the supervision of the post graduate guide. All the treatment details and the subsequent appointments given to the patients are to be recorded particularly in their case records.

Uncle Joe was in critical condition where all there was to do was pray and wait. Teaching Skills All the trainees shall be encouraged disseftation take part in undergraduate teaching programmes either in the form of lectures or group discussions.

Two — day P. Surgical sutures, drains Post operative care – concept of recovery room care, Airway management, Assessment of Wakefulness, management of cardiovascular instability in this period, Criteria for shifting to the ward, pain management.

Performing behavioral rating and I. Tongue, salivary glands, tonsil, thymus and lymph nodes. Personal hygiene and infection control, prevention of cross infection and safe disposal of hospital waste, keeping in view the high prevalence of Hepatitis and HIV and other highly contagious diseases. Published on Mar 24, Endodontics — Ingle