They also noted an inverse correlation between the number of flowers per plant and the auxin content, suggesting that the genetic control of auto-incompatibility in cacao can be modulated by the hormonal content of the flower and this could explain the great number of pods observed even after incompatible pollinations. Liyanage LVK Rationale for intercropping. Therefore, the main effect of overcoming IS in autoincompatible genotypes occurs when self incompatible and compatible foreign pollen are mixed permitting autopollination in autoincompatible trees Glendinning, ; Bartley, ; Lanaud et al. How to cite this article. The fluctuation of the water table can be considered a climatic variable derived from rainfall that can influence cacao production as a form of natural sub-irrigation Leite and Valle, Usually under field conditions the flushing cycle is activated by environmental changes Almeida et al. The fact that GA 3 applied to NF leaves in the F-2 stage does not promote a reduction effect on the duration of the apex dormancy period reinforces the hypothesis that the apical dominance, at this stage, is due to competition by nutrients instead of the presence of hormonal inhibitors in the leaves Abo-Hamed et al.

Evans and Murray in Trinidad, Alvim in Costa Rica and Cunningham and Lamb in Ghana were the pioneers to critically examine the role of shade and light in cacao cultivation. Hormonal interaction between mature leaves and the shoot apex. Cacao growth and development, as also occurs with other tropical woody species, is highly dependent on temperature Raja Harun and Hardwick, b; Hadley et al. According to Orchard et al. During the high temperature months the fly populations are low, which is reflected in the low productivity of sporadic harvests in that region K. In the two-pipe plots the pivotal roots reached a depth of 1.

Martin S Cacao in ancient Maya religion: The initial phase of quiescence was described by Vogel as a reversible phase that occurs during F-2 Abo-Hamed et al.

The delay in greening of leaves is associated with a late increase in the total extension of the thylakoid system inside each cell that accompanies the eissertation increase in plastid size Whatley, The predominantly clear summer average of 9 h daily sunshine and the cloudy winter average of 5 h daily sunshine regulate, to a great extent, the behavior of microclimatic parameters above and inside a cacao plantation.

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Soil flooding decreases leaf area, stomatal conductance and photosynthetic rates in addition to inducing formation of lenticels and adventitious roots. Although there is no causal link between expression of enzymatic activity and incompatibility, Warren and Sunnita verified that enzymes like isocitrate dehydrogenase, malate dehydrogenase and acid phosphatase are indicative of incompatibility systems IS.

Furthermore, in that area the mean air temperature at the eighth week, and solar radiation and insolation of the ninth week exert great influence on flushing, while the period lle decreasing energy solar radiation, temperature and PDD coincides with the months in which no flushing occurs Almeida et al.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

The quality of pollination can depend on two factors, the degree of pollen compatibility and the number of pollen grains deposited on the stigma Lanaud et al. Balasimha D Water relations, growth and other indicators of plant water stress in cocoa under drought.

Le cacao en Côte d’Ivoire : étude de géographie régionale – Persée

Hormonal interaction between mature leaves and the shoot apex. First Annual Report on Cacao Research. Email required Address never made public. Therefore, the efforts accao Bahia to produce fine cacao is in reality a world tendency for other locations with similar environments, thus, constituting a great opportunity for expansion in this market.

A shaded cacao tree, on the other hand, could transpire about 26 L divokre -1 0. The simultaneous development of several leaves within a flush constitutes, however, a very large carbohydrate consumption event during a period of 10 to 15 d that exceeds the available current photosynthate Machado and Hardwick, Annual Report of the Cocoa Research Unit.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

The average leaf area index and the extinction coefficient are about 3. According to Lanaud et al.

Cocoa and Development in Cote D’Ivoire

Sale PJM Growth, flowering, and fruiting of cacao under controlled soil moisture conditions. There is also a consensus that in countries with a better level of development, like Brazil, the future will be the investment in quality and production of differentiated cacao.

cacaoo However, once the apical bud dormancy is broken, water availability seems to exert great influence on the intensity of leaf emission.


She answers to the question of a potential rise again of the price. Since the removal of dissertatino in the flush stimulates the apical bud to produce new leaves, this stimulus could result in the removal of a powerful drain for nutrients instead of the removal of an ABA source Abo-Hamed et al. It appears that this phase in cacao seedlings can be initiated by the competition for nutrients between the apex and the developing leaves of the flush.

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Leaves that develop at the end of a normal flush, although without large competitive influence from other leaves in development within the flush, are smaller in size Machado and Hardwick, Therefore, the absence of flushing and flowering in south Bahia is intimately related to the decrease of fruiting, culminating with an almost total absence of pods in January to March of the following year Leite and Valle, The inherent high risk of unshaded cacao cultivation was illustrated by the economical analyses of Cunninghamthe extra expenditure and work associated with clear-felling and growing unshaded cacao with great amounts of fertilizers would probably be justifiable only if yields of more than three tons are obtained.

However, on a sunny day both trees showed a substantial difference in transpiration when compared with a cloudy day.

Bonaparte EENA An agronomist’s assessment of recent research findings and their implications for cocoa production. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Local growers trust the government thinking they take measures to put the dissertaation away.

According to Daymond and Hadleytemperature is one of the main limiting factors for cacao production, since temperature stress affects the seasonal variation in seed yield.

Ecophysiology of the cacao tree

Indeed, Port authorities began monitoring incoming ships on October for ebola. Ng E Potential cacao photosynthetic productivity.

dissertation le cacao en cote divoire

Immediately after the emergence of the next leaf, leaves in the initial F-1 stage are red and are positioned almost vertically upwards.