Ang Secret Diary – Facebook”. Desperate to get the money, Alden attempts to leave the Broadway studio. Alden leaves the Broadway studio but is kidnapped by unidentified men. Lola Nidora tells Yaya that there will be challenges along the way. Seemingly remorseful, DuhRizz apologizes to Yaya and leaves the scene in hysterics. At this point, Alden attempts to leave Broadway but is blocked by the Rogelios at every available exit.

On March 6, , Francis Magalona , one of the show’s long-time co-hosts, succumbed to leukemia. Retrieved 22 June Lola Tinidora gives her sister an advice: The Mysterious lady appears and takes photos of them. Tinidora and Tidora try to cheer her up by bringing other types of lumpia but she doesn’t want any of them. Lola Nidora mentions the letter that Yaya Dub read yesterday; it is revealed to be a prescription note from Dr.

Philippine Entertainment Portal, Inc. In August episode, which showcased a Cinderella -like story and the near-meeting of Richards and Mendoza, posted prolem rating of Retrieved 28 October Retrieved August 11, Friendship and their loyalty to the show are the only factors that keep them together.

The mystery caller contacts Lola Nidora and informs her that he has raised the ransom money to P million.

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Retrieved 22 July Lola Nidora’s mysterious caller is revealed to be Frankie Arenolia rich man of mixed ethnicity Filipino-Chinese-Italian. Alden asks Nidora where Bulagq Dub is, and what happened with the call she received from Yaya.


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Lola Tidora then reveals the secret: Another signature segment of the television show is Pinoy Henyo. Retrieved 2 February Nidora tells the driver to take Yaya back to the probem, then confronts Alden again and tells him that he will never see Yaya Dub anymore. Retrieved 28 May Bill tells Tinidora that he is regretful about hurting her and will wait for her no matter what. The chosen winner will win a prize from the segment’s sponsor.

With Alden still being absent, Yaya chooses to be happy following Lola Nidora’s advice. Soon, the riding-in-tandem arrives at the studio bringing Yaya’s surprise for Alden.

Before the performance, each group will do a rock-paper-scissors game to determine the first performer, the loser will be the first group to perform. The couple also apologize to Lola. Tan-Ning arrives and checks on Lola Nidora and says that she will die on Saturday at around 2: They must retrieve that box at any cost as the item inside is the symbol provlem eternal love.

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The mysterious caller calls again and threatens to burn the Secret Diary and Lola Nidora begs Alden to give her the money. Those who insist to be the “real” Isadora, but are not able to prove their identity, are expelled by the Lolas. Her anxiety disappears when she sees Bae-by Baste in disguise and wishing dolving good luck. She indicates that the 1-foot rule is still enforced.


Meanwhile, Alden wants to tell Nidora something but is too shy to do so. The group with the highest score wins.

eat bulaga problem solving may 16 2015

Yaya Dub’s employer and adoptive grandmother, Lola Nidora, is initially against the couple’s budding romance. Yaya Dub is escorted to the wedding venue where Frankie is waiting for her. Nidora calls for a medic due to her extreme anxiety, but Tinidora and Yaya promise her and each other that they will confront the mysterious person together.

Retrieved 23 April After a 6-year successful run, the segment was replaced ssolving Taktak Mo o Tatakbo. Nidora also reminds Yaya and Alden that she will always be there to support them. Fake Isadora is played by Maine Mendoza. Retrieved 7 December