In doing so, plants learned how to make new kinds of paper for example, unusually thin paper or paper with a different composition. In any case, where the old way remains feasible, there is the possi- bility of slipping back and any mechanisms that preclude this will provide both con- tinued momentum and an increased sense of urgency. Successful Business Models for the New Century. United Distillers [22] made extensive use of training in improving the process-lev- el performance of its scotch whisky bottling plants in Investments of pro- ductive machinery, labor and materials combine in one place to create new value. Dynamic Manufactur- ing, Free Press.

Use of E-Technologies to Add Value. Compo- nents, even whole products, were often out-sourced to overseas suppliers, who could produce them at lower cost and thus provide immediate apparent savings see Chan- dler Home Products B [5]. The next focus area concerns the functions actually performed or not performed by the operating unit. However, this improvement mentality can provide an explosive, exponential performance improvement. The conflagration of improvement then develops so much energy that it can become hard to know how to direct it! However, it is clear that suc- cessful programs of improvement are held together by some unifying picture of where the operation is going, and how it will get there.

In addition, a process of learning had been built, so that groups throughout digision plant had a model on which to build their studh experimentation programs. The most difficult challenge is often that of building an appropri- ate infrastructure systems, policies, routines and common values of understandings rather than the installation of machines, plant and equipment. Corporations, having experimented with a number of man- agement fads, such as collecting firms, like stocks and bonds, into diversified portfo- lios, dkvision a succession of operational fixes and philosophies, which overlap yet dominate their times.


MRP Material Requirements Planning systems, it was said, demanded ‘disci- pline’ in a plant to stop the remaining operators from running a parallel system on the back of cigarette packs when the computer running the MRP program failed to com- plete on time [3].

A comparative evaluation of manufacturing flexibility adoption in SMEs and large firms in India. While technology may yet prove us wrong, at present such relentless improvement is strongly reliant on the involvement of human beings and their divjsion to learn new tasks and develop new skills.

An Introduction to the Technologies. There is no shortage of texts that describe each of the above approaches in detail.

The plant is the primary unit from which manufacturing enterprises draw their strength. E-transformation and Its Best Practices.

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A single patch could have pernicious and unexpected consequences—and patches on top of other patches could conspire to bring the whole system to a halt. Under these circumstances, the best intentions may result in piece meal progress and incremental, but limited, improvement. Many firms have shown tremendous improvement in performance as a result of a reorganization of the existing managerial structures.

Unfortunately, despite czse although unpredictable beneficial effects, operations performance languished as a result of such short-term vision.

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Senior managers are keenly aware of competitive imperatives, and so understand the necessity for change. Whereas a process focus addresses improvement within a given technology, the process technology focus considers the wholesale replacement and re-configuration of that technology. This level centers on the systems and procedures that mar- shall the flow of material and information around the factory. While the quality of welding was not a major prob- lem, a progressive improvement in welding quality would allow the removal of entire assembly processes in subsequent years, thus providing a postponed, but large jump in productivity in the long-term.

New Product Development in Table 3. Team-based activities provide an opportunity for a company to make a bold leap in its manufacturing or operating capabilities.


eg&g rotron division case study

Micom used the Crosby scheme not only to attack quality problems at the process level, but also to provide a structure through divisjon its coordinative processes could be improved.

A Brief Review stuvy Operations Improvement Techniques The need to improve the effectiveness of operations has, over time, given rise to a series of philosophies, tools and techniques. This bulldozer approach to pruning assets often resulted in haphazard ‘gardens’ of factories in which the gardener not only weeded without cultivating, but also se- lected plants based on how green their leaves looked.

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Handbook of Industrial Engineering. Quite often, the scheme is simply a Trojan Horse: Help Center Find new research papers in: Upton and David J.

At the lowest level, an operating unit is a collection of inputs. New York, Harper Collins. Training includes the education of individuals and groups. This makes it difficult for those who seek clear prescriptions for improvement, since it implies that the replicability of success is strongly limited probably inevitably by key individuals. More importantly, the best plants found ways to capture the learning mainly by making videotapes and ensuring that this learning was shared with sister plants across the network.

eg&gg Improvement initiatives that fail often do so because of a lack of clear motivation as to why improvement is important. Distribution and Order Processing 4 5 7.

eg&g rotron division case study

Manufac- turers were reduced to being servants of their systems.