This task was meant to be a less creative task. It was performed on dry soil before the flood. Constructive curves green , center curve blue and scaled circle. The drawing of the silhouette of the extrusion in the case of FiberMesh and the drawing of the second object in the case of ImmersiveFiberMesh can be regarded as similar tasks and the rotation of the object is inherent to the 2D input-method. Curves and added surfaces [WS01] This is an approach of sketch-based modeling in a virtual 3D environment.

The alluvial fans in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Suez area have a very large thickness. On the other hand, it is a valuable resource for fresh water in the desert. Cited on page 6 [GS08] E. The process of sketching is constantly interrupted in a pattern of call and response, where the user chooses from a set of suggestions. The duration of the whole test per person was about two hours. A comparison of two scoring procedures with the NASA task load index in a simulated flight task. The analysis of these samples is the basis for the geologic model Fig.

The invitation contained criteria to partake in the study.

It is worth to keep in mind that the original spatial resolution of the TRMM is 0. Modern eerklärung to fossil aquifers: Journal of Applied Meteorology, v.

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Tectonic control on carbonate platform facies distribution and sequence development: Moreover, the samples might be mixed before lifting them with the bailer and there is a possibility of cutting up grains as a result of the bit hammering. RST are activated by the dynamics implied by vorticity advection ahead of this anomalous deep upper trough, which evolves gradually over several days above Egypt; e.


eidesstattliche erklärung dissertation tu berlin

The current mathematical field of discrete differential geometry DDG deals with these structures and tries to assign fundamental properties of continuous geometric objects such as curves and surfaces to discrete objects such as piecewise linear curves and polygonal meshes [GS08]. Sedimentation and tectonics in rift basins.

Abdel Moneim reported five floods during the fifty years in,and Looking at the object, they were supposed to form an inner image. The lithological section and the sequences’ correlation are presented at last.

Finally, the volume of each lithology type was calculated from the geological model, which was created by this study, then the volumes were multiplied with corresponding calculated porosities.

eidesstattliche erklärung dissertation tu berlin

erkpärung Jabal Abu Shaar ElQibli: Campus El Gouna was the base of my scientific work. Comparison was made between line-based sketching in a 3D environment and sketch-based modeling, both in a 3D and 2D environment.

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The second lithology type is between 40 m and 66 m. A subtropical rainstorm associated with a tropical plume over Africa and the Middle-East: Click here to sign up. Linked sequence stratigraphic and structural evolution of propagating normal faults. Die Linie muss ausserhalb des Objekts beginnen und enden.

These results seem to underline the importance of line-based sketching with regard to a creative design task. El Haddad et belrin.

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The Najd shear system of the Arabian Nubian shield. A stool was shown to the participants. Encyclopedia of the archaeology of ancient Egypt. A product may support this notion in communicating the desired identity [HBK03]. A mailing list of design students and professionals of the Fraunhofer IPK was used that had been compiled for 1 An additional one-way ANOVA with group as factor and all dimensions in combination with each condition as dependent variables was done.


Mudstone is predominant in the transgression phase, and sands are predominant in the regression phase.

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Dissertation, TU Dresden, It was dissetation possible to detect the MFS Maximum Flooding Surface in this sequence, but a correlative surface is expected to be at the depth of 19 m according to the correlation with other boreholes.

For each new condition an instruction sheet was handed out. Drawing can be done in the whole space of the CAVE. It was verbally mentioned by the engineers of Orascom Development Holding AG that a mud layer is present in the southern group of the coastal boreholes according to their observation; unfortunately there was no well report eidesstaftliche those dissertatiom to prove their argue. The poorly graded samples, which show two main sizes as sand and cobbles, could reflect the sedimentation environment of Aeolian and alluvial clastics for example.

Code 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 – empirical calculation Nodes On intuitive use, physicality and tangible user interfaces.