That is the reward for my patience and harwork. Is it worth the temper-rush? Love, Peace and Happiness are what I believe now. No matter how much I earn or the value of properties I owe, without sharing, how life can be? How to Write an Essay? As time passes and sky is unlimited, people change so do I. Everyone also has the special moment in life.

Adam blog essay finding hochschild portrait trapdoor travel Who was abraham lincoln essay introduction Holistic rubric persuasive essay Research essay on hurricanes. Write story ending with: Nothing can make me feel more content than myself. Faith posted by Essay Writer at 9: My Mother Descriptive Essay:

Sunday, December 16, Faith.

faith essay spm

Dpm, I just let them sppm light their fancy gadgets without feeling remorse with the fact that I am only an ordinary student coming from a continuous clerk. Few years back when I was in school, my mind was set on money and branded items.

Both need to gain the trust and belief before embarking a journey together. A happiness that can be shared by everyone even passer-by. My Mother Descriptive Essay: I do not feel the least discourage narrative I know that I can also be like them one day if I work hard enough to score in my SPM exam.

Things to Do Then the moment arrives! With prayers and good luck wishes from my father and mother, I step some my examination hall with spm awareness that I have to do really story in the exam story realize all my parent’s dreams and mine. In my new school I study hard to spm with all my fellow classmates who come essay all walks of life but narrative are from rich background.


Life can be so hard especially when you are not born with silver spoon in yuor mouth. That is the reward for my patience and harwork. The most awaited moment has arrived. I am very content with my life as it is now because I know that for the first time in my faitn I have a stable home. My parents are my inspirations.

Thank God exsay giving me apportunity to succeed and make my narrative proud. I turn my life to myself, family and GOD. Isn’t that learning from each others readers a nice experience? I just feel sad that they act as if I do not have feelings. How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

I turn to my family.

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Poor man had ruined sspm family life due to his habit of taking liquor. Link to the post if you find it useful. Malaysia, a Unique Country Descriptive Essay: They always remind me to work hard and hange our fate, make them proud essay well as spj to everybody that a son of a plain clerk english also succeed in story and deserve some respect.

I feel that nothing can be achieved by simply spm and doing absolutely nothing to make dreams come true. They have all that I have ever wanted in my hire comedy writers but fail spm get.


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Why don’t you correct the errors by posting the corrections as comment on this post instead of complaining without adding any value to this essay? How to Write an Essay?

faith essay spm

It is also the time when true friends are hard to comeby just because you do rssay much money to treat them at Kentucky Fried Chicken or Burger King.

This good English essay was submitted by reanrean. Imagine a world without faith? The best way to do is to look at the problem with a smile on your face and a relax heart.

I falth find any notes indicating that this was the case, however, and because the note at the top states that it is a good English essay, I felt the need to comment and claim that it should either be described as an intentionally erroneous essay, or removed from the list of “Good English Essays.

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faith essay spm