Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The window was open. In the materialistic society that we live in today, we simply have no idea. His mother is a laundress who washes clothes in the river, and the father sells bleach and kerosene at a small stand. This story was very confusing to me and I had to read it about two times and then even skim through some of the passages again to truly understand this story. They had little furniture and even less food. Gordon Parks did an amazing job writing this story in a way that people can visualize.

This video is told from a third-person point of view, with first person accounts from Gordon himself. Let us create the best one for you! The thesis of this writing was definitely identifiable in this first paragraph as poverty being such a problem. Brhoffman’s Blog Just another WordPress. In paragraph 7, we see the process by which Flavio gets the rice washed, the children bathed, and the floor scrubbed, with only one pan of water.

Latin-American term for districts jacaranda 2: Flavio responded by saying his only concerns were of his brothers and sisters.

Repression yome Resistance in the Shantytowns of Rio de Janeiro.

flavios home descriptive essay

He lived in a 6-foot by foot tin shack with his father, pregnant mother, and seven siblings. He relays an account of their daily struggles, family dynamics, and the health issues caused by starvation. The descriptive language and matter-of-fact tone of the essay were instrumental in catching my attention and holding it.


Immediately after it was over, Flavio stood up, with a smile on his face, and continued his chores. This site uses cookies. Gordon is seventeen, six feet tall, and has the beginning of a beard. After hearing such news Gordon prays for Flavio, the young boy then tell Gordon he is not afraid of death, he is just worried about what would happen to his brother and sister if he was to die.

Also, Parks also uses imagery to try and help paint a picture of what he is seeing in the favela, that way the audience can also envision the surroundings. Let us create the best one for you! This site uses cookies. Parks describes how household tasks are made difficult by the need to conserve water.

While Parks is explicit about his overall attitude to poverty in paragraph 1, this material is not the thesis. The dominant impression we receive of Flavio is of a child ravaged by poverty yet who possesses an open and persevering soul. What is absolute poverty?

Flavio’s Home

Most people I know that live at or below the poverty line have cable television. Parks uses expressive, graphic, vivid, and colorful diction to express his point. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Rosa Parks and the Civil Rights Movement words – 9 pages local church, led by Reverend Martin Luther King, and that night they agreed to begin their protest December 5, His parents work, leaving him with the care of the household and the other children.


Posted by Sparkle’s Writing Blog at 4: I felt that these two points were the most powerful aspects of his writing. Get inspired and start your paper now!

Flavio’s Home review: Flavio’s Home review

You are commenting using your Google account. The thesis of this writing was definitely identifiable in this first paragraph as poverty being such a problem. It was just a normal day and the bus was getting full. I too caught myself rereading parts of the story as I read.

The Parks are the Source of beautiful sightseeing, Revenue to the Government and Local Businesses, and home to many animals. While this demonstrates desccriptive powerful love Flavio has for his family, I feel that there should have been more. The wooden floor is rotten and descriptuve with light leaking in through the holes in the roof.

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flavios home descriptive essay

Notify me of new comments via cescriptive. Gordon Parks used the Rule of Thirds by drawing the viewer’s eyes to the grandchildren and Ellie because this is where the most movement is taking place. Underthreat Essay words – 9 pages companies they would be destroying the home to some of the last of a species.