Conversation stiffens, you hesitate to touch. Get a fresh start. We walked past, but did not enter, Central Park. All this is well-documented, but I can never convince myself it happened. To him it would seem like the New Jerusalem. Companies Show more Companies links.

The few remaining Chinese-owned businesses. Imagine a working-class family owning anything on Grand Street today. Walls the colour of unbrushed teeth. The roof is badly bowed and there may not be glass in the second-floor windows. Mark Clemens December 28, To say it was a New York hotel room is probably sufficient. Cookies on FT Sites We use cookies for a number of reasons, such as keeping FT Sites reliable and secure, personalising content and ads, providing social media features and to analyse how our Sites are used.

She owed nothing to the past, she felt — it was a kind of hotel, somewhere to pause before going on. We were out of phase: By the mid-nineties the neighbourhood had been gentrifying for a decade already.

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At the turn of the century, before any poulterers set up shop, Grand seems to have been a tavern and bordello.

During that time you may make small, unknowing changes, so when you re-emerge into ordinary comfort with each other you are not quite the person your partner married. The buildings on either side — which are still there today — also have signs in Chinese.


Without much conscious effort I have become different, as different as present-day Chinatown is from the days of Phoenix Poultry. Little arguments helped, they gave us roles to abide in for a few minutes. The entry just managed to hold two stacks of cages, eight feet by six, each about five feet tall. The trip would not be ruined. Opinion Show more Opinion links.

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Our marriage was three days old. Who would live above a slaughterhouse? Here was everything we were missing: The layout of their fields and paths became the street plan of the neighbourhood. Please enter using our application form. In later photos the door is gone, painted over or boarded up. Memories of being laid low in a Manhattan hotel by a honeymoon virus prompt a journey into the more distant past.

Companies Show more Companies links. On the left side of the building is a door to the upper storey — apartments? Get a fresh start. We would exaggerate our beliefs in order to fight about them, though later we had trouble putting them back in proportion. Hedley Twidle is a regular contributor to the FT. Mark Clemens December 28, It can be wide-ranging or minutely focused and, in keeping with the ethos of both sponsors, it can address any topic — from finance and current affairs to history and scientific discovery.

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We missed Rockefeller Center, its Christmas tree still lit; we missed uncountable boho night spots. We sent my new in-laws a postcard, an aerial view of Manhattan, Battery Park burning green amidst the steel and glass, esssay sawtooth piers like industrial fiords: No one told me that getting married opens a temporary distance between spouses.


Leftovers were tossed in a dumpster around the corner.

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My wife was no better but also no worse, having slept 12 hours. Such things happened occasionally in the late 19th century.

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We had to organise the exotic, disorienting ewsay to find practical landmarks: Locals have built up or were born with immunity.

The character of the relationship changes in some indistinct way, like an optometrist flipping between two nearly correct lenses. National and regional chains in multistorey incarnations on the corners. We shotgunned Dayquil and made it through a couple of hours at the Met; on its steps I observed a one-legged pigeon. The window had no screen, or else we could remove it, because we climbed out on the neighbouring building to smoke and store our takeout.