They believe that such a system serves the interests of only a few privileged ones, and not the public at large. Status of Women in Other Civilizations 5. This sorry state of law and order scare the investors away from the country thereby severely harming the economy. Impacts of corruption on economic spheres include more and more dependency on foreign aid, rising internal and external debts, skyrocketing inflation, lack of economic opportunities, low per capita income and meagre savings and investments. All levels of government should be accessible to, and representative of, the people. The alarming figures of crippled economy lead us to the prompt measures for ensuring good governance in the country.

The military has ruled Pakistan for half of its history since gaining independence from the British in Flourishing economy is one of the major components of good governance as both are interrelated in one way or the other. In order to bring Pakistan out of the governance-crisis, reforms are essential. Among other characteristics of state besides territory and population is government. Equality in the biological creation of men and women b. Fragile economy — FDI shrinking on account of terrorism and political instability 2. Good governance is to run administration according to these defined laws for the welfare of the people.

No one is there to hold them accountable and give them a shut up call.

It is a fundamental factor that is inevitable in taking the nation to the zenith of glory in the world community. Third, a person is governnce outright corrupt in terms of morality.


Essays by CSPs | Need for Good Governance in Pakistan

It is like a pillar on which democracies are built upon. United Nations permanent members use their veto power if United Nation tries to take step against governnce one of them. Welfare state with provision of social securities These institutions should be given absolute autonomy ewsay bring the corrupt people before the law. Saturday, March 02, In this form of corruption, favouritism, misuse and abuse of public office, disregard for merit are the oft-seen phenomena.

This authority can be political, economic or administrative.

Crisis of good governance

Taking bribes, making underhand deals and receiving kickbacks and commissions; all fall under the economic corruption category. It has always been a favourite buzzword in our economic and social development circles. This was an open violation of the principle of good governance.

good governance essay jwt

Whosoever is found involved in such ill-practices, must be made an example in Pakistan as well so glod people have to think hundreds of times before doing esway such thing. Public participation in policy-making. In political arena, it creates political instability, worsens law and order situation, gives way to military interventions and causes an acute leadership crisis. Good governance is quite a wider term that encompasses within itself multiple factors that are considered inevitable for its proper implementation that includes democracy, rule of law, constitutional supremacy, accountability and public participation in decision-making.

Thursday, March 28, How Accountability Leads to Progress and Development: The organization of the state in terms gpod functionality is divided into three branches: Role of civil society 8. Media campaigns for a corruption-free society. In Pakistan, more is being spent on building infrastructure and little on provision of basic facilities like health, education and employment.


Lack of Accountability Causes Backwardness: Justice for everyone do not led anyone be unaccountable.

Crisis of good governance

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In Pakistan the institution of accountability i.

NAB is often subject of political controversies. Every other day goverannce substantial number of innocent citizens, who are just silent spectators, are targeted by the law enforcement agencies. In Pakistan, economic governance is the victim of political instability.

Public finances are needed for rendering public services; ranging from security, justice and other basic amenities like health, education, etc. Now, it has become evidently clear that corruption is the root cause of all evils in a society. Transparency, legitimacy, merit and the rule of law are the important pillars of good governance.

good governance essay jwt

Our country is suffering from weak institutional set-up, political instability, rampant corruption, lack of accountability and transparency and bad law and order situation.

As in Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif was the latest Pakistani civilian prime minister not to complete a full five-year term.