The problem is caused by 4 main reasons: The exposed chalk of Flamborough provides examples of erosion, features such as caves, arches and stacks. This is loose sediment or soil which as been either eroded or shaped by water. What is the knock-on effect of this? Cowden Farm is now at risk of falling into the sea. Mappleton is an excellent case study of an attempt at coastal management.

What is boulder clay and how is it formed? Typhoon Haiyan Case Study. Published by Desmond Willets Modified over 4 years ago. In addition to this the Holderness Coast is a popular destination for holidaymakers and during the summer months, the road is used heavily by tourists. East of London in the county of Kent. Flamborough Head North Sea In Barmston , many people have lost their homes to the sea Those whose houses are still standing have lost their value, the owners can not sell and move away from the cliff edge Who would want to buy a house from someone when it was about to fall into the sea!?

Coasts Revision Booklet This belongs to: What is coastal erosion? The Holderness Coast is the most rapidly eroding coastline in Europe. This icon indicates that. Spurn Point provides evidence of longshore drift on the Holderness Coast.

holderness coast cliff collapse case study

The seabed consists of the glacial mud, sands and boulders, as do the cliffs. They are narrow as the result of the lack of major rivers bringing new sediment into the coastal budget.


What should happen to the Holderness coastline? It extends 61km from Flamborough in the north to Spurn Point in the south. Take a look at our new resources in the shop Dismiss.

holderness coast cliff collapse case study

Rock armour are large boulders that are built up along the coast. Waves during normally occurring storm events can reach up to 4 m. On the sfudy hand it creates a strong backwash which erodes under the wall and is very expensive to build and maintain.

As the result of the coastal scheme colapse Mappleton no properties have been lost to the sea and the B remains safe from the risk of erosion.

This process is called terminal groyne syndrome and happens frequently when groynes are stopped. The major part of the area we will study lies within the Reculver.

There are two main reasons why this area of coast is eroding so rapidly. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Tidal range at the Holderness coast is very high and can reach up to 7 m.

It is this soft boulder clay that is being rapidly eroded. The material produced from the erosion of Holderness is normally transported south into the Humber estuary and down the Lincolnshire coast. The soft boulder clay underlying Hornsea provides clear evidence of the erosional power of the sea.

Under lying the Cost Coast is bedrock made up of Cretaceous Chalk. Download ppt “Erosion on collzpse Holderness Coast”.


Case study: coastal management in Holderness

Cliff stabilisation has had a positive impact in managing the threat of mass movement. Flamborough Head North Sea Spurn Head is also starting to erode and the spit has the only lifeguard station on the coast to help boats in trouble. These are shown xoast the map below. The soft boulder clay underlying Hornsea provides clear evidence of the erosional power of the sea.

Inthe decision was taken to protect Mappleton. Erosion at Skipsea illustrates the human impact of erosion in areas where coastlines are not being defended. The coastline consists of low glacial till boulder clay. Firefly needs a modern browser, so you may notice things look broken right now.

Mappleton – A Level Geography

Share buttons are a little bit lower. It is this soft boulder clay that is being rapidly eroded. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Spurn head is at risk of being eroded away because less material is being added.