A good choice for the text part is therefore TimesNewRoman and used by many serious publishers worldwide. Please prepare the following things for your colloquium: A copy of your thesis to answer questions about specific content A watch to precisely manage time Some water for yourself Think about the dress-code for the occasion Q: You can always ask your professor for a specific date for the discussion of details of your thesis. HTW Berlin offers access to numerous sources under http: All your findings will be yours and your work will become easier for you because you do not need to be afraid of plagiarism issues.

Something modern at the moment may look strange in the future. When using digital sources please integrate them together with a little index file on the CD. Are professors paid extra for supervision? What colors, typo etc. Erst mit meiner Unterschrift unter Ihren Antrag wird daraus eine verbindliche Anmeldung.

It would be good to define things at the start. Dies kann auf unterschiedliche Weise erfolgen. Is your design Out of many different ways of citing, the Harvard style even though it is an old idea is still valid and less interferes with the reading experience compared to the use of footnote for citations.

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It stays with you for your lifetime. The standard is English in the International Business programmes. In front of an examination commission the following steps are taking place: Please make sure that your work is based on recent international findings of research. How does the final colloquium look like?


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If all participants are German the German language might be used. It might look different. Every professor demands different things before signing your application. Talk to your supervisor about the tehsis way of citation.

How should I use citations? Endnote Software to Manage Citations http: Right from the start of your research you should collect your sources in a professional reference management software application like endnote.

Tbesis every page information complete? Behalten Sie aber vor allem Ihre eigene Interessenslage im Blick, denn nur mit der eigenen intrinsischen Motivation entstehen gute Arbeiten. Social Media Analysis based on user interaction and posts App-World: See you study programme regulations for this issue. Turn in you work in a printer-friendly PDF-Format.

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Overall this can happen on a small paper maximum three pages. The admission to the thesis is only possible once you finished all your classes successfully.

htw bib thesis

Erfindung pauschal an das Unternehmen abtreten. All your findings will be yours and your work will become easier for you because you do not need to be afraid of plagiarism issues.


Make sure you agree with these two people on the topic. The colloquium is happening in front of a commission of HTW Berlin normally your two supervisors and sometimes some additional professors. Do I need to know the title of my thesis already when applying for the supervision?

A good choice for the text part is a so called serif font, where on letter is leading you to the next one. The amount of money transferred for the process of supervision, reading, writing a grading report and the colloquium is not even worth talking about.

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The official application with all signatures from all involved people is your guarantee to be supervised under this topic. Possible topics of supervision might take place in the fields of: Bei der Anmeldung sollte das Thema mit Titel definiert sein.

htw bib thesis

Some study programmes allow you to start writing a thesis when you only have a small amount of credit points open. Every study programme defines different frames for that question.