I took the following documents along with me: You can receive it any day from now. Hi Can you please let me know how much time it takes to get letter from DoS. Did you find out what does it mean? The Regional Passport Office where your passport was issued initially , in India.

Is MHRD not accepting the application through person. My parents helped me in getting all the three NORI. Hi Asutosh, thanks for this great blog which makes life easier for J1 waiver application. Got NOC rom Passport office. Finally it is our work and we need to get it done ASAP. Hi, I am currently in Taipei, after my postodoc from USA march april i return to indian, and stay for about a year then joined the Postdoc job in Taipei.

HI mate, You seem a decent guy, and I do understand you not answering my questions, It is ok I am not paying you to answer me, but I do not understand at all you deleting my comments which were so useful for the people specially those from Maharashtra. I will explain how. From CID office, it is sent to local police station.

Someone told me that I can not apply for Ckver waiver after program ends. Basically the strongest motivation for me to get this J1 waiver was to get out of the clutches of this dictator who thought he can rule my life and keep me scared every moment of my life.

Finally it is our work and we need to get it done ASAP.


Sorry for a long list of queries. This email id is for Indian Embassy. Check each form to see that it has been signed and has the Indian Embassy Seal. I wish to apply for it before I change the status of my visa. Hi Abdul, I also applied on aaple sarkar portal for NOC from Maharashtra govt, but it shows status of payments as pending. I’m waiting last covdr months and hopefully should be cleared in next few weeks. Once you get your DS case number, you can track your J1 waiver progress on this website: What Steps did I follow?

My studies focus on development of xyz. Otherwise, it will not be considered in India. I would like to have your suggestions here: No need to send the DS case no.

Cover Letter for NOS Certificate – J-1 Waivers – Murthy Law Firm

Anyone from Maharashtra reading this comment please go to https: Pl help us if any one is having a format for the same or what banker need to mention in the NOC. When in doubt whether you are needed to take a J1 waiver or no, please refer to the following website: What is the first question that comes to mind when you think about J1 waiver?

j1 nori cover letter

Nope…you can hold on to the letter from stage 2 as long as you want. I received the ckver certificate from Indian embassy. An individual coming to US on J1 is recommended to go for waiver. Please do not mind if I bother you again with my doubts.


J1 Visa Waiver

For getting the waiver process from India, I hope you have mailed the concerned applications to India, and follow up on the processing. Hi Ashootosh, Thank you so much for all the help and answering the questions.

Nope you will not hear anything until they come knocking your npri.

j1 nori cover letter

It is like some grown up adult who knows exactly what fire is but still wants to touch it in order to confirm that it is still as hot as it was before a few years. Is it possible for me to apply for the J1 waiver from the third country? Thank you in advance for your reply.

Successful J1 Waiver

In this situation how can I apply for 2-years waiver? You must log in or register to reply here. Hello, My daughter has applied for F1 waiver and she got it from MHRD Delhi and today I from Chennai collected but we found they there is a mistake like instead of Shri Aishvarya they typed as Aishvarya ,, and they have already despatched by Air 4 days back, When we contacted they said it is not a big issue.