I could hardly breathe. The Flexible Supplement Review Panel have recently shared the following feedback: You may find relevant the article below:. I was also advised that aiming for publications can keep your supervisors more engaged since there are short-term benefits for them as co-authors. It was more necessary in years past when some academics had a healthy body of research but did not have a PhD, this is not so common these days as a Phd is often a requirement just for entry into academic positions. An academic panel will review all applications to this round in the week commencing 29th April

We need to carry out our research and write articles during the four or five years of our phd. But regardless of the outcome, we both agreed that a thesis by publications was the best approach, both for enhancing the quantity and quality of research, preparing myself for a potential career in academia and most importantly for me, thoroughly enjoying my time as a PhD student. Over time the PhD thesis dissertation had become a career unto itself. This is an award that is falling out of fashion, and is becoming more obsolete. In all three articles I am the lead author with one coauthor. You must check the institutional guidelines, preferably at a the departmental level, and choose your university accordingly.

Or it does, but it is only intended for existing researchers who want to get a PhD off things they have already published — so you have to complete within one year of starting.

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It would be interesting to read a table of contents which, I assume, would include the titles of the published papers as chapter names? Give a few detailed answers in the opening 15 minutes, demonstrating knowledge, describing your thinking and working – then the examiners are likely to relax into the viva. Two others are in preparation and will be submitted to journals by the time I have to submit my thesis to the committee in september.

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I do not recognize this, my supervisors have been very interested and involved in my research project from the start. You’ve read and re-read to check for typos, your bibliography is exactly on point, and you’re sure you’ve referenced correctly according to the conventions in your field. Most university towns will also have local print shops who can offer competitive thesis printing deals, or maybe a branch of a national chain such as Prontaprint.


Which in modern education is generally recognised as not being the valued or submltting intent. I basically Googled and emailed universities. Sounds like it might work for me. What do you think?

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The examiners may or may not offer comments on the thesis at this stage and candidates should not interpret a lack of comments at this point as a negative sign. Check to see if any relevant recent papers have emerged since submitting the thesis and, if so, read these.

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Because publishing by the traditional thesis makes it very hard but not impossible to set realistic and timely goalsmonitor and evaluate progress, until…it is far too late. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! I agree with all the positive points mentioned in this post but I would add that the whole process becomes really output focused.

Eubmitting I, and my peers in English and Cultural Studies, continue at this stage on the traditional path of aiming for a monograph and a couple of publications along the way. I submitted my thesis supported by 4 journals papers and one conference paper. If anyone has any suggestions, then I would be most appreciative. It should be up to the candidate to decide if it is the preferred approach.

Support can be provided for training submittimg new research skills and at the interdisciplinary boundary. The peer-review process can be quite tough to handle. If the introduction is drafted since you are going to rewrite it at the end of the processand if the literature review and methodology chapters are written, before any fieldwork is undertaken, this submittting chapters on the research process, the findings, the analysis and discussion, and the conclusions, thesiz be written.

What makes a good applicaton to the Flexible Supplement Fund? Thanks for this very thoughtful response — I think you have put your finger on the key problems. A Handbook for Students, Examiners and Supervisors.

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Provide funding for more studentships — the funds may not be submittin to award additional studentships but must be used to better support existing students. Regarding co-authorship, acceptance and journal type, any university that is serious about a PhD by publication should have this very clear kccl the candidate and documented in guidelines.

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Your supervisor may not be up-to-date with changes — this happens in complex institutions. Gina Wisker, professor of higher education and contemporary literature at Brighton University 14 If things submittkng on top of you, use the excuse of having a look at the thesis Make sure that before the viva you get plenty of sleep, eat properly and de-stress.

kcl submitting thesis

The monograph model suggests that good scholarship should be based on an ability to produce an indepth, book length analysis of a given issue, whereas the publication model tends to correlate more closely to existing research evaluation frameworks, which value large numbers of papers more highly than other forms of research submiting such as books.

And the stress, panic and perhaps insanity begin. Anthony Finkelstein, dean of the UCL faculty of engineering sciences who has blogged about surviving vivas During the viva 8 Get off to a good start Give a few detailed answers in the opening 15 minutes, demonstrating knowledge, describing your thinking and working ssubmitting then the examiners are likely to relax into the viva.

Often and the case for me you need to include a separate methodology chapter that sits alongside your publications. The testamur does not usually show what you actually did during the PhD — there is active debate about this and I am sure we will see changes with more digital certifications coming online.