Entering General Education Course Assessment Created May Purpose Each year, instructors of general education courses conduct assessment of the general education student learning outcomes for each. Participating in pre-observation and post-observation conferences with individual committee members in conjunction with each observation visit, as deemed appropriate. Task C for lesson reflection. Each plan for tasks D, E, and F must be approved by the committee before they are implemented. All Teacher Performance Assessment documents created in compliance with Section 2 of this administrative regulation;.

Should the program be reinstated in the future, we will definitely be in touch! Planning My supervisor and I have agreed on performance objectives for. Prior to any observation Spending the required 20 mentoring hours with the resource teacher suggested 10 hours per semester of inclass observation intern s classroom during the year. Task C must be completed for the observed lesson s of the Instructional Unit. Leadership The plan must be approved by the committee before implementation.

ktip training homework

Provide the opportunity for the intern to receive mentoring in a collaborative setting if the ktup meets the needs of the intern as defined in the professional growth plan. If no guidelines exist, the school shall provide a written rationale for the appointment to the Education Professional Standards Board for approval.

The Education Professional Standards Board staff. In Task I, for each lesson being observed in the instructional unit, or only one if the lesson of the instructional unit is video recorded. Clarifying the connection between the intern s classroom performance and the content of the teacher education homewkrk, both to the intern and to the other members of the committee.

Agreement between teacher intern performance records, professional growth plans, beginning teacher committee meeting reports, the teacher performance assessment, and the final decision of the committee.


Kentucky Teacher Internship Program (KTIP) Resource Guide for Online Homework – PDF

Choose the Add Course to EduCart link. This program is More information. Add this document to saved. It is not necessary to record every single event you observe, but rather, to include examples of those events that clearly address the benchmarks and inform your standard marking.

kentucky teacher internship program (ktip)

If consensus cannot be reached in Cycle 3, two of the three committee members must assign a score of 3 on each standard for a successful internship. If the intern s performance has been marked as not met, send the originals of all the internship materials provided by the principal including the intern s teacher performance assessment to the address below.

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October 15 for full-year or fall semester interns, February 15 for spring semester interns, whichever occurs first. If an intern begins on August 1, the committee should use the school calendar to physically count from August 1 until the end of the school year to account for the — instructional days. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. Compliance with the requirements for the timing, content, reporting, and signing of teacher intern performance records, meeting and observation forms, and resource teacher time sheets; and.

In documenting mentoring hours on the Resource Teacher s Time Sheet, always explain activities in detail as they relate to the intern s Professional Growth Plan. Making three official one-hour observation visits to the intern s classroom and conducting a post-observation conference after each observation.


Remind the intern to electronically submit the completed tasks G-J to the committee members at least 2 days prior to the committee meeting. Participating in each of the four committee meetings as scheduled by the principal. What is the difference between Task C and Task J?

kentucky teacher internship program (ktip)

Committee should discuss with the intern ways in which a current project can be extended to include a leadership project. Internship in School Psychology Course Number: Spend some time reviewing these to ensure each understands their responsibilities. It should be a natural part of their teaching responsibilities.

Stress with the committee members trainjng interns need to reflect using the following: What is the difference between Task C and Task J: Reference guides are available to assist each committee member with their respective homfwork and responsibilities on the committee. What evidence of observed behavior supports the marking for any indicator receiving PD or ND?

ktip training homework

Before assignment to the committee Note: The word Teacher throughout. Click Save and Exit to sign at a later time. How can I obtain a full-time contracted More information.