Turbo lag is a delay in engine response that occurs when the driver expresses a requirement for fast power by pushing the accelerator to the floor while the engine is turning at a slow speed. Skyhook The intention is to offer those who travel in the Lancia Thesis exclusive satisfaction. This person is a call centre operator who is ready to provide information, resolve problems and offer a wide range of services at any time. The following table gives details of the four power units three petrol and a Common Rail turbodiesel unit that the Lancia Thesis will present to the market next spring. The texts and images and the audio and video documents made available on media. The intake manifold is variable length V. The valve gear is driven by a toothed belt and features two overhead camshafts with hydraulic tappets.

Views Read Edit View history. Over a combined cycle, this is maintained at an average value of For anyone who can fall in love with a good-looking, luxurious car and the unmistakable throb of an engine that is reminiscent of great, powerful Lancias of the past such as the Aurelia. The New Lancia Ypsilon makes its debut. The texts, images and the audio and video documents are not for commercial use and may not be passed on to authorized third parties. On this front the Lancia flagship offers a braking system with outstanding performance while also benefiting from the most sophisticated electronic devices for controlling the car’s dynamic behaviour: The latter also features variable valve timing and a variable length induction system.

The Thesis offers a pallet of 12 different body shades. And, if necessary, they can send out a rescue vehicle. And we must not forget the Isofix attachments used to carry the smallest passengers in maximum safety, plus systems to protect the car against theft and break-ins: The wool cloth comes in light shades of beige, grey and blue and gains an extra touch of sophistication from the worsted wool. To emphasise the comfort factor there is also power assistance when opening the doors, the seat and steering wheel move back and up to aid entrance when the door is opened, and the entire process of opening and starting the car is keyless, using a transponder in the drivers pocket.


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This leads to a high drive torque from the lowest engine speeds and means longer ratios can be adopted. First Lancia with radar adaptive cruise control by Bosch [6].

For people who do not like to be second to anyone, even on the road. The shock absorber valves on the system offered on the Lancia Thesis are controlled by an electronic control unit that screens factors such as load, road conditions, car motion and driver reactions.

lancia thesis 2.0 20v turbo test

Other equipment designed to ease life on board and offered by both the Thesis Executive and Thesis Emblema include: Plus the cushioned silence of a top-class environment where the car engine is barely perceptible. The throttle is electrically controlled by the engine management control unit. Lancia Thesis high resolution images. thesie

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All three features naturally come as standard on Emblema versions. The interior was trimmed with leather or the suede-like Alcantara material long favoured by Lancia. On the Lancia Thesis, the thermodynamic efficiency of this power unit is combined with a smooth, gradual turbo action able to assure outstanding comfort with scintillating performance comparable to that of a far bigger aspirated engine.

Rumours suggest that the latter will be joined later by a larger capacity GM sourced V6 diesel unit. Both versions share one last exterior motif: The Lancia heritage – The Aurelia. The New Lancia Ypsilon makes its debut.

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It was fitted with more technology and “more style” [5]. The pistons come with an omega shaped combustion chamber while the valves are operated by an overhead camshaft.


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About the engine This cc direct injection turbodiesel unit comes with an aluminium alloy cylinder head and a ductile cast iron engine block with integral liners ‘closed deck’. Lancia assured this by coming up with a suspension control device known as the Skyhook that is the exclusive province of a few select htesis.

Thus the flagship may be fitted with EPG anti break-in side windows these will be available a few months lxncia the launch and an antilift and antitilt alarm. This combination of attributes is certainly not usual in this type of car.

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Because the pump and injectors are controlled by an electronic system, tesis pressure and injected fuel quantity can be optimised for each engine service point. Both specifications share four engines three petrol and one common rail turbodiesel and two gearboxes the five-speed self-adaptive sequential automatic transmission is fitted to the 3.

lancia thesis 2.0 20v turbo test

This is an unusual trim material for the seats and central panel and forms an unbroken ring around the passenger compartment. The Lancia Thesis 3.

lancia thesis 2.0 20v turbo test

Not to mention the fact that most of the Lancia Thesis’s handling and road insulation theiss down to its suspension. The credit for this goes to a power unit that balances torque at low speed and fhesis power with outstanding panache. Combined with the technical efficiency required to keep running costs down. Most important of these are the fins that drop from the pillar and taper away to set off the subtle and innovative led tail-lights to perfection.