On at least two of the white cars, rivulets caused by running paint are very clearly visible. Now all surpassed by the XF, beating all the pretentious characterless Germans. The steering wheel is fitted as standard with keys that can be used to control all CONNECT functions These are complemented by a voice command system that can be used for the phone, hi-fi, voice memo and some navigation system functions. All versions can naturally be customised with numerous options to increase the protection and comfort offered by the Lancia Thesis. After that, I was mostly focused on 6-speed gearbox first time I used it,… so after first downshift from sixth to third, luckily at really low speed, I took extra precaution not to repeat same mistake again!

All this was done with microchips smaller than your thumbnail. The detailed range is as follows: I suspect they look a good deal more imposing than they do in static photography. Instead it acts as an aid to the driver and represents another significant step toward a stress-free drive. All these features are combined with an ability to absorb and damp road roughness that makes the Thesis the new benchmark in its market segment. Twitter Facebook Reddit Tumblr Pocket.

But what if Lancia had offered a more comfortable, more pleasant alternative?

Lancia thesis skyhook problem

A two-layer filter also contributes to the quality of air taken into the car. The car had plenty of muscle to do some asphalt ripping which is great if you really have to press on.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

On Emblema versions this feature is an option on other versions the system can be used to adjust all front seat settings electrically: The Lancia Thesis range concludes with the 2. It is an effect very, very different from the cold, hardness achieved by Mercedes and Lexus. These gadgets allow semi-active suspension in that the damper rates can be varied by computer management to suit the driving conditions and driving style. We have a few Kappa articles here plus a Trevi test drive.


lancia thesis skyhook problem

All the panels were joined tightly and the vehicle was well surfaced, apart from an odd depression where the wing to bonnet valley fades into the plastic bumper. It is currently available as a four door saloon, a five door station wagon is expected to be released later.

Electric handles The Lancia Thesis comes with exclusive electric catches that open the doors by means of a power-assisted mechanism. This is achieved by means of lighted leds inside the handles and courtesy lights. I doubt it was intentional. Other ‘high-tech’ systems include an optional radar cruise control, an optional sunroof with solar cells which power the aircon fan when the vehicle is parked in the suna multizone climate control system which on some models has a separate zone for the rear passengers, front and rear parking sensor, a rain sensor, an automatic windscreen wiper system, automatic headlamps, LED tail-lights with 30 LEDs per unitoptional variable power steering, bi-xenon headlights with an automatic ride corrector which functions with both static and dynamic pitch changes and more.

Lancia Thesis Skyhook Problem

Both measure 70 mm and are fully dedicated to voice reproduction because the speaker is situated in the middle of the dashboard, just as a singer always occupies centre stage during a live concert. After three months labouring, measuring and two weeks soldering and trying I can finally say I’ve found and solved all skyhook control unit problems and also can diagnose the sensors. The second thfsis is used to set the required speed.

lancia thesis skyhook problem

By day, these look like two understated chrome decorations; by night they are red and orange stripes, both one centimetre wide that make the car unique and immediately recognisable even on the motorway. This device supplies heat energy to the power unit coolant to warm up the engine faster during cold starts and also heats the coolant in the system even with the engine off so you can come back to a warm car.


Hence the multizone automatic climate control system, complete with automatic air recirculation function controlled by a pollution sensor.

Non-metallic choices are Lancia blue and Donatello black, while the metallic selection comprises: The latter offers a top-quality trim that comes in the following colours: Servos even operate the front head restraints.

Bells and whistles were there, and worked fine, but novelty worn off after first km. Otherwise a pretty decent car. And have chatted to owners, who do huge mileages happily. From the performance viewpoint, this means adding an problfm degree of freedom inside the suspension and thus ensuring great handling combined with top-level comfort.

Lanciq the car is standing in a queue at a traffic light or on the motorway, the continuous sound can be prevented by deactivating the front sensors by means of a key.

Lancia Thesis V6 Review – Driven To Write

These can be reconfigured automatically when the macrofunction keys are pressed. Most important of these are the fins that drop from the pillar and taper away to set off the subtle and innovative led tail-lights to perfection. They are also indicated on the display by the code ‘Auto’ instead of ‘Full Auto’ and stored until the user cancels the command. Let’s take a detailed look at both layouts fitted to the new model.

Beginning with safety devices.

Electrically-controlled seats also come with an antipanic function: It is even charming in many of its details. Porblem more of Lancia Thesis eu on Facebook.