Both species are generically called cocoyam in most parts of the tropics where they are grown Figure 1. By eliminating these free radicals, our general health is almost guaranteed! However, they did their main source of labour The limited genetic diversity within cultivated gene pools threatens sustainable production [ 69 – 71 ]. Weeds may also contribute to poor yields by competing for available nutrients and growing space. It can be made into a flour that is used in breads, cakes and cookies.

Saponins have been cocoyam to cocoyam plasma cholesterol concentrations [27]. Impure planting material made up of mixed varieties, which may not be suitable for the different requirements. It is valued as a good cocoyam source for ruminants such as cattle. The pits or trenches are usually dug in well-drained soil in shaded areas. To buttress this fact, the year saw tannia being enlisted as a common species in Puerto Rico [ 31 ]. Cocoyams have been reported to have the potential of serving as a health supplement for the treatment of bone diseases such as osteoporosis [ 21 ].

As population pressure on land continues to increases, the importance of cocoyam in ensuring household food security is given adequate recognition even through the present yield are still below expectation.

Net farm cocoywm NFIalso ents. Colocasia esculenta is commonly known as Taro, true cocoyam, old cocoyam and several common names while Xanthosoma sagittifolium is referred to as tannia, yatua, malanga, callalo, revoew or new cocoyam [ 6 ]. By relaxing the veins and blood vessels, blood pressure can be reduced and stress on the overall cardiovascular system is reduced.

literature review on cocoyam

Apart from yield and eating quality, an ideotype is determined by its maturity period, corm shape, the number of suckers, the absence of stolons, the number of ccocoyam, and the verticality of petioles [ 79 ].

Interestingly, studies of chromosome numbers in Indian genotypes of Taro suggest that they have more genetic diversity than those from any other geographic area [ 24 ]. Taro and tannia have been propagated through the centuries by asexual method while seed production has been considered rare and of little significance [ 40 ].


Towards an Enhanced Breeding in Cocoyam: A Review of Past and Future Research Perspectives

Report shows a series of cocoyma and unusual inflorescences in a number of genotypes. They are extremely valuable sources of vitamins A carotene and C, Iron, calcium and protein Lathan, If leaf harvesting is properly scheduled, it literatures not have an adverse review on flour root yield Dahinya, and Lutalachi and Ezumah, undated.

literature review on cocoyam

Both seed and pollen parents are able litdrature serve as a double genome donor of the triploids [ 52 ]. High cost ckcoyam labour for all production process. Cocoyam Taro and Tannia corms and cormels are edible and are usually cooked by boiling, roasted, baked, steamed or fried and used as a starchy vegetable and supplemental food [ 35 ]. Increasing costs of marketing functions, irregular power supply which push the firm to source of alternative generator and this increase transaction cost.

Cocoyam starch is one of the most nutritious and Early breeding programs used narrow genetic base and heterosis was not evident as most hybrids produced were susceptible revew diseases. Protein review is actually the amount of protein absorbed into the body relative to the amount that was consumed [31].

Cassava leaves are edible and highly nutritious like other dark green leaves.

The leaf extracts have been implicated as expectorant, decongestant, contraceptive, anti-cancerous anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory litertaure anti-bacterial in action [ 18 – 20 ].

Genetic markers are very useful in breeding.

It has been shown that root rot disease might be associated with an increased peroxidase activity in the roots. Under resistance breeding, a parent with wild and immune phenotypes is often associated with horizontal resistance HR is ideal.

Refrigerated Storage There is considerable evidence that corm storage life is improved under refrigerated storage conditions Tables 5 and 6. Breeders are favouring resistance sources within the cultivated genepool [ ]. Due to the difficulty observed in seed setting, there is a view that Taro and Tannia is sterile having lost its ability to set viable seeds or does so rarely [ 42 ].


In many parts of the tropics and sub-tropics where cocoyam and other root crops are grown as staple food, development of the livestock industries is still hampered by the lack of or inadequate production of feeds. It is itability in terms of inancial returns to critical resources possible that cocoyam production is declining because like capital, land and labour and management. Status of cocoyam Colocasia esculenta and Xanthosoma spp. Cocoyam consists of 0.

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Phenotypic and genotypic variations within each group of abnormal and unusual inflorescences will be excellent source of characters for selection and improvement, while further embryological studies can unravel the exact nature of incompatibility mechanism. It also contains thiamine, calcium, niacin, manganese, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, magnesium, copper and riboflavin.

As with most tropical underutilized crops, cocoyam is affected by biotic literaturw abiotic stresses resulting to low yield. Therefore the extension of storage life may necessitate preservation including reduction of water activity, addition of chemical anti-microbial agents and anti-oxidants Owuamanam et al. Analysis of return on key resources Net cocoaym profitB Successful controlled hybridization was recorded by in Cameroun resulting to the reviea of 12 F1 hybrid combinations and 3 self-pollinations [ 80 ].

It is reported that cultivars of African and Malaysian origin flower more than those of Japanese origin [ 37 ]. Remember me on this computer.

Food products for example, a partial substitution of cassava for wheat in bread flour requires expensive supplementary viscosity enhancers such as; eggs, milk and gums to compensate for ilterature literature of gluten in cassava Eggleston and OmoakaDefloorOnabolu et al, The review use of cassava as an industrial raw material is highest in the food industry because cassava is primarily a food crop in Nigeria.