The success story of maize production is closely linked to availability of cheap or subsidised fertilisers. That seemed to set the stage for a heavy subsidy policy on agricultural inputs especially fertiliser from independence up to the mid-eighties in Northern Nigeria. Under such conditions the farmer will easily convert from growing conventional upland staples to growing upland rice. Broken rice get soft and mushy cooked from a nutrition standpoint, broken are the same as whole grain. Farmers’ yields will continue to be low as long as the agronomic constraints are not properly tackled. This is not comparable to the seeds distributed under the informal system. It was first established in by the British colonial administration.

The Rice Bowl encompasses some village units comprising over , hectares with a cultivated area of 37, ha which depend on the water from Alau Dam. Chapter 2 describes rice types which may be found in Nigeria. These may not necessarily be for the common good, but they are considered national interests all the same. That system started some 30 years ago and has become a remarkable innovation and technology. Secondly, the source of flooding is a small stream and therefore no flood control structures are required. However, at the time of harvest when they saw the size of the cassava roots, they all had a change of heart and everybody wanted some cuttings.


The National Fresh-water Fish Research Institute should promote fish and rice culture in the state and the entire geo-political zone. As a further step, an dsetoner National workshop can be organised for stakeholders to articulate ideas on rice cultivation. Just before harvest when the problem is more acute, farmers make trenches around the fields and filled them with water. Today the story is different.


As a further step, an annual National workshop can be organised for stakeholders to articulate ideas on rice cultivation. The same government had a policy deetoner reinvigorate the RBDAs with mandates to promote local production of rice as a long term measure.


Irce are at least mills in every rice producing community. The bulk density of sand was found to be 1. It was also observed that the difference in the price of foreign and local rice is only marginal. The development of appropriate ox- drawn technology for Kaiama area can boost rice production. The Centre is run by an expatriate priest and a Nigerian assistant.

The cassava debate is even more disturbing because its root cause can be traced to the success story of the IFAD funded cassava improvement and multiplication programme.

Literature review on rice destoner

In deep fadamas the land is flooded all the time or during the major part of the cropping season. Much of the paddy rice produced is parboiled before milling.

The promotion of appropriate processing technology and varieties will go revieq long way in keeping rice farmers in business, given the huge national and sub-regional markets. IR 54 In the process of being released.

literature review on rice destoner

In Tarok land some twenty years ago such ditches were left fallow but today they are usually lush rice patches due to great demand for land. Much of the paddy rice produced is parboiled before milling.

Therefore, foreign rice is found everywhere in urban markets of Nigeria. States like Niger, Ogun, Benue and Lagos which has remained the same since the state creation exercise inmay be used for a quick use of Table 3. Six rice growing environments RGEs have been identified for the purpose of this description. However, this is a material that has not been another farmer. However, hydromorphic rice might have been included in that category.


Cultivation of rice on hills arise due to pressure on arable land. The ecological conditions under which upland rice grows in Nigeria are diverse. Through research, simple, technically feasible and economically viable planting implements for rice have been developed in recent years Imolehin and Wada, In some places like the Jere Rice Bowl, supplementary irrigation is mandatory. Rice growing systems in the North-east zone This requires participatory modes of research and development in which decisions are made in accordance with local resources and needs, as well as fora where their views can be articulated and immediate feedback received.

Only few farmers have been able to maneuver this problem by using imported rice de-stoners. This involves soaking the paddy in cold or hot water for destlner day or two before steaming for as long as the husks just open.

literature review on rice destoner

A dismal failure of both formal research and extension systems to foster dissemination of technology to farmers literatuer rapid feedback has been noted. The system is plagued by seed quality problems as adulteration of seeds and low germination rates.

Lagos Mangrove Swamp The huge potentials remain largely untapped. They simply switch over to a new variety when they notice a decline in yield.