The study aimed at: The current study also indicates that the burden of morbidities associated with schistosomiasis in Zambia has not been fully explored. The prevalence of hookworms ranged from Epidemiology and control of schistosomiasis: Classification of the lesions observed in female genital schistosomiasis. The most popular tourism items were Shuishangrenjia overwater household and fishing folk culture with property of participation and experience.

The present review confirms that schistosomiasis is still endemic in DRC. Moreover, in , the WHO reported that schistosomiasis mortality could be as high as per year in Africa alone. Some of these disorders have long been associated with malignant neoplasia, the most striking association being between disease caused by Schistosoma haematobium, the predominant etiological agent of urinary schistosomiasis , and squamous cell carcinoma of the bladder, a relatively uncommon vesical cancer in non-endemic areas. By using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods, the institutions of schistosomiasis prevention and control at county and township levels were investigated for the institutional setup, staffing and fulfillment functions since the reform of Two cases of schistosomiasis with hepatic and intestinal manifestations are presented. Methodology and interpretation of parasitological surveillance of intestinal schistosomiasis in Maniema, Kivu Province.

Potential impact of climate change and water resources development on the epidemiology of schistosomiasis in China.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

Granulomatous appendicitis occurs during egg laying. The first lies on the left bank of Lake Albert where S.

Schistosomiasis in Zambia: a systematic review of past and present experiences

Moreover, inhaematoibum WHO reported that schistosomiasis mortality could be as high as per year in Africa alone. More recently, data are gathered that, upon applying the same treatment protocol and management care, stage by stage comparison of the treatment end-results were found to be similar in bladder cancer patients with a different etiology.


To maintain agility, research has focussed attention on agile maturity models. The impact of this research on current and future approaches for sustainable integrated control of schistosomiasis in this and other endemic areas in the PRC is emphasised. Heavy schistosomiasis associated with poor short-term memory and slower reaction times in Tanzanian schoolchildren. Accessed 10 Oct The number of notions of stage factors and general factors is thus about equal.

The nature of qualitative construction partnering research: This review has shown that the disease is endemic in Zambia and the need for treatment remains high.

Vaccine strategies against schistosomiasis. For permissions, please e-mail: Chi-square tests were performed to compare differences between indexed and non-indexed literature.

Schistosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a literature review

Nurses clearly are beginning to conduct big data research applied to practice. Furthermore, modelling approaches used by Zhou et al.

literature review on schistosoma haematobium

Based on data analysis, the symptom management, follow-up management, a healthy lifestyle, medication awareness, and emotional management were obtained. PubMed is the largest freely available source of published literature available online with access to 27 million citations as of October The study determined the levels of knowledge and risk factors linked to the spread of the parasite among school children.

Human schistosomiasis in Ngamiland, Botswana.

Schistosomiasis in Zambia: a systematic review of past and present experiences

Acknowledgements The work that was done leading to the writing of this paper was funded by the University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, through the post-doctoral fellowship awarded to Dr. The current knowledge of reinfection immunity against Schistosoma spp.


Studies on schistosomiasis on the western shores of Lake Bangweulu, Zambia. It is hoped that this technology would increase the efficacy of studies on monitoring and early warning, and promote the elimination of schistosomiasis in China.

Schistosomiasis is a chronic and debilitating parasitic disease acquired through contact with infested freshwater. Location rview the school plateau or valley had influence on the prevalence and intensity of infection.

Sixty-six are reviewed in this In order to more fully understand data gaps in human exposure and toxicity to tire crumb materials, ATSDR, CPSC and EPA undertook a collaborative effort in the form of a scientific literature review and subsequent gaps analysis.

Schistosomiasis in the Democratic Republic of Congo: a literature review

The serum proteins electrophoretic pattern, as far as albumins are concerned, is quite similar for non-infected undernourished and infected well-fed animals. The third study focused on assessing the burden of hepatosplenic pathology and prevalence of S. The remaining endemic counties are located primarily in the literrature and mountainous regions. The study concluded that a comprehensive health education programme using contextual and standardised training tools may improve peoples’ knowledge, attitudes and practices in relation to schistosomiasis prevention and control.

Distribution of Schistosoma spp. The findings showed that overall publications in the field of photographic tourism increa