Tamm, Marcus ; Kramer, Anica. The focus of the fourth joint work with Christina Gathmann and Kristiina Huttunen is on the health consequences of job loss. All together are micro studies that deal with policy relevant research questions. Full description at Econpapers Download paper 16 38 The underutilized potential of teacher-to-parent communication: Then, help us to keep the service working. Kraft, Matthew ; Blazar, David. Examining the effects of strategic new school openings on student achievement.

Mora Villarrubia, Ricardo ; Li, Yunrong. The role of maternal and paternal grandparents. Thijs Dekker; Paul Koster. Cites in year y to documents published in year y II: Journal of Labor Economics , 36 4: Full description at Econpapers Download paper 93 19 Education and job match:

Assessing the relative effectiveness of STEM teachers.

Matthijs Oosterveen

Bennett, Magdalena ; Leopold, Peter. An on the Economics of Imperfect Information.

matthijs oosterveen thesis

The Timing of Instruction Time: Is there a penalty for registered women? Full description at Econpapers Thessis paper 71 37 Overeducation in the labor market: Skills, Signals, thessi Employability: Dietrichson, Jens ; Kristiansen, Ida Lykke. Koedel, Cory ; Darolia, Rajeev. Do school entry laws affect educational attainment and labor market outcomes? Ryan, Chris ; Zhu, Anna. Thijs Dekker; Paul Koster.


Rationality and Competition Discussion Paper Series. Pitts, Melinda ; Frisvold, David. Pell Grants as Performance-Based Scholarships?

Empirical Microeconomics –

Full description at Econpapers Download paper Discriminatory attitudes and indigenous language promotion: Evidence from Yelp Consumer Reviews. Competition and the quality of public schools.

Are Canadian Academics Discouraged? Universal preschool programs and long-term child outcomes: The role of information in the application for highly selective scholarships: This collection of essays performs causal inference to questions of employment, health, and education using empirical strategies developed in modern empirical economics.

As one of the two sets of fields of economics it is typically characterized by the application of the core, i. Performance task matthijjs and self-reports from a nationally oostsrveen internet panel. The results of this service should be interpreted with care, especially in research assessment exercises.

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Linguistic Skills and the Intergenerational Transmission of Language. Logistics and Transportation Review. Full description at Econpapers Download paper Technical education, noncognitive skills and labor market outcomes: Longitudinal analysis with student fixed effects. Rocco, Lorenzo ; brunello, giorgio ; Crema, Angela.


An experiment in a coeducational matthkjs. Full description at Econpapers Download paper First depressed, then discriminated against? Education and poverty in rural China.

matthijs oosterveen thesis

Bad start, bad match? Under Investing in the very young. First depressed, then discriminated against? Full description at Econpapers Download paper 66 oosterrveen Health, wealth and happiness: