However, the easy way to view the result is SMS because of it a convenient way to get a result. A Review on Service Quality Dimensions. Measuring Service Quality and Customer Satisfaction: Customer satisfaction is highly affected by service quality. A survey has been conducted in order to collect data. A study on risk and return of listed companies of Nepal by Lama, Hari Lal. Probably due to the fact that employees themselves, in general, are dissatisfied to get motivated to provide better customer service, responsiveness dimension remained as having less impact on creating brand equity.

Consumer Behaviour and Decision Process. After Government of Nepal adopted the open, liberal and market oriented economic policy. Apart from this, the institution and firm can allow the suggestion of this study to make their policy and strategy more practical and scientific. Ltd by Joshi, Bhumi Prasad. This study seeks to generalize brand equity and its dimensions through thoroughly

To date, there have been confirmed cases and deaths. Research hypotheses about the relationship family, viral marketing, and brand equity dimensions are defined and conceptualized on the basis of the literature review.

mbs thesis tu nepal

It is found that leather shoes markets are affecting from threats, weakness, strength, opportunities and are mbbs first, second, third, and last respectively. Banks are not to be considered merely as dealers of money but also the leaders in development.

A study on income tax collection from commercial banks by Shakya, Rabindra. Customers are important stakeholders in organizations and their satisfaction is a priority to management.


A study on financial performance of dairy development corporation by Basnet, Asha Kumari.

Posted by Unknown at 9: A Review on Service Quality Dimensions. Descriptive statistics, correlation, and regression analysis has been used to summarize the data, to identify relations between constructs and to test the hypotheses.

mbs thesis tu nepal

Kbs Center Find new research papers in: The courses structure of the MBS has been divided into core courses, specialization and thesis writing for giving students comprehensive knowledge of the subject matter from different perspectives. It helps to measure the banks liquidity, leverage, activity and profitability ratio in rational way. Log In Sign Up. Impact of dividend policy on market price of stock by Niroula, Dilip.

All Departments 25 Documents 5 Researchers. Women’ s agency in relation to population and environment in rural. Comparative analysis on dividend practice of joint venture banks in Nepal by Poudyal, Joney.

Mbs thesis tu nepal

Both of these banks are working under the same condition and problems, opportunities for the banks and threats to the firm are also similar. The conclusion states that brand equity has been especially quoted as consumer based brand equity of Aaker model.

Among them, personnel of humanities, the workforce of administration, the staff of instruction and personnel of law are ne;al in Nepal. The research showed that Dairy milk companies should do more on advertising and sales promotions programs to strengthen the brand value of their products. Determinants of Consumers’ Attitude towards Advertising in Nepal.



A Guide to Doing. This study attempts to investigate the impact of marketing communication and price promotion on brand equity of durable goods i.

This study will be beneficial to different parties concerned with bms banks as well as other interested parties. The financial performance of commercial banking sector should be very much capable in enhancing the capital market as well. Focus Of The Study.

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This study also provides nelal insights about the understanding of how Nepalese consumers perceive to the noodles brands. People prefer advertisements that enforce social integration and not exaggerated messages. A negative relationship between use of price deals and brand equity was established. Importance Of The Study.

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The financial sector may not be enough from them to meet the growing the resources need to the economy as expected before. Embassy Antananarivo alerts U. This study seeks to review the thseis quality and its dimensions through reviewing of literature. It is used sample customers who have been dealing currently with the commercial banks in Kathmandu valley.