Elevated interleukin – 6 levels in cardiac failure and its correlation with the severity of the disease and prognosis. After completing his post graduation he joined in Pulmonary Medicine department of CMC Vellore hospital for his senior residency and simultaneously did diploma in allergy and asthma DAA course at Vellore. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences, ;54 5: A study on the prevalence of elevated high sensitivity c-reactive protein in patients with subclinical hypothyroidism. Comparative study of risk factors between ischemic and hemorrhagic stroke.

Factors associated with poor asthma control and poor adherence to asthma treatment: A Study on prevalence and significance of low T3 syndrome in chronic heart failure. A study on the gastro intestinal involvement in newly diagnosed hiv patients. English fleuron from book an inaugural dissertation on the dropsy medicine topics community. A Clinical study of neurological manifestations in HIV. Etiological and metabolic profile hypokalemic periodic paralysis.

Clinical profile of acute kidney injury in ICU patients.

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Factors influencing the outcome of thrombolysis in acute myocardial infarction. Prevalence of cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy in type 2 diabetes and utility of corrected qt interval for its diagnosis.

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Medidine Study on prevalence and significance of low T3 syndrome in chronic heart failure. Prevalence of neuroimaging abnormalities in children with new onset afebrile seizures in tertiary care hospital —Dr.


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Evaluation of cardiovascular function in overt and sublinical. Serum creatine kinase and magnesium as prognostic indicators in acute organophosphorus poisoning.

Predicting the impact of HIV infection and antiretroviral therapy. Dissertation help chennai medicine jefferson medical school pa emergency s topics general rguhs md respiratory. A Study on incidence and etiology of hyponatremia in hospitalised patients. Evaluation of the effect of inhaled ciclesonide on the allergic and inflammatory markers in and bronchial asthma. Immune Thrombocytopenic purpura and its association with Helicobacter Pylori infection. A study on analysis of various causes of hemoptysis and the success rate of bronchial artery embolisation in the first six months follow up period.

English fleuron from book an inaugural dissertation on the dropsy medicine topics community. Obstructive sleep apnoea, oxidative stress and renal function.

Assessment of clinical correlation between body mass index and severity of bronchial asthma. Below is a selected list of top ten enchanting dissertation topics you can craft about in general medicine:. Your information will not be shared with anyone. Dissertation topics in computer science data mining.

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Analysis of cardiac manifestations in HIV. Haematological Abnormalities in decompensated Chronic Liver Disease. A study on clinical manifestations of right ventricular myocardial infarction. Prior to the writing, you need to acquire cognition of the question presented by the lecturer. A study on prevalance of elevated highly sensitive C-reactive protein in acute vascular events. Study on incidence and risk ntruns of contrast induced nephropathy in patients undergoing cardiac catheterization studies.


However, this is not the case for all countries. Thesis Topics In Paediatrics. Medicine dissertation medifine phd defense for glen chew e2 80 9crole of emergency topics forensic. A study on calcium homeostasis abnormalities in patients taking chronic anticonvulsants therapy in GGH, Chennai.

Ntruhs dissertation topics

The research project is the focus of the PhD program; research opportunities are available in many areas of pathology. Role of nt – pro bnp levels in predicting the prognosis in acute coronary syndromes. Evaluation of serum ferritin as a prognostic marker in acute hemorrhagic stroke.

medicine thesis topics ntruhs

You should also shun from using words that depict more than meaning as these may confuse the readers. Gender differences in perception of dyspnoea, quality of life and pattern of lung function abnormalities in asthma. Obstructive sleep apnoea, oxidative stress and liver function. At present the department has fifteen faculty members 3 Professors, 2 Associate professors, 3 Assistant professors, 7 Tutors.