Consideration Use unique replica set names for different replica sets within an Ops Manager group. Configure a Highly Available Ops Manager Backup Service Overview The Backup Daemon maintains copies of the data from your backed up mongod instances and creates snapshots used for restoring data. Create an Alert Configuration Procedures to create alert configurations. Connections is Sends an alert if the number of active connections to the host meets the specified average. Ops Manager displays the hostname and port of the process above the status charts. See the Group Settings page to define default group settings for HipChat.

For example, to download MongoDB Enterprise 3. As needs change, you can later add capacity by provisioning additional backing servers. Unacknowledge an Acknowledged Alert Step 1: Click the hostname to view host statistics. Backup Ops Manager Backup provides scheduled snapshots and point-in-time recovery of your MongoDB replica sets and sharded clusters. If the alert condition continues to exist, Ops Manager will resend alerts. Automation lets you define a MongoDB deployment through the Ops Manager interface and rely on the Automation Agent to construct the deployment.

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This is not a production setup. Ops Manager displays the full configuration for you Step practuces Enter the following information, as appropriate: The hostname and port of the instance.

MongoDB usually uses ports between and This location must have enough storage to hold a full copy of each database being backed up. Getmores is Sends an alert if the rate of getmore i.


Specify the same replica set for all three members. A replica set member is healthy if its state, as reported in the rs. For example, when maintaining Backup Agents, automation will remove a Backup Agent from a machine that has two Backup Agents.

Open Homewok Manager and access the Backup configuration page. The tutorial populates the replica set with test data, registers a user, and installs the Monitoring and Backup Agents on a client machine in order to monitor the test replica set. In Ops Manager, select the Administration tab and pracitces select Agents.

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Overview This tutorial describes how to upgrade an existing Ops Manager Application and Backup Daemon using deb packages. Automation Agents on each server maintain your deployments. Download the Ops Manager Application package by issuing a curl command that uses the copied link address: This occurs when the host overwrites oplog entries that backup has not yet replicated.

If you have open alerts, the page displays them above the feed. Then click on the warning icon and select Reactive ALL hosts.

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If a version is missing, the Automation Agents will not be able to take control of the deployment. Manage Alerts Procedures for managing alerts.

Snapshots use only a fraction of the disk space required for full snapshots.

You can use the same email address throughout, or specify a different address for each field. Preferred Hostnames If the MongoDB process is accessible only by specific hostname or IP address, or if you need to specify the hostname to use for servers with multiple aliases, set up a preferred hostname.


mongodb homework 6.1 security best practices

You cannot back up the Blockstore database with Pdactices Manager Backup. No client applications talk directly to the daemon. For descriptions of all settings, see Ops Manager Configuration Files. The default frequency for a new alert configuration is 60 minutes.

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If your deployment will monitor more than hosts, use the requirements on the Ops Manager Hardware and Software Requirements page instead. Click Administration and then Agents.

Do not use these deployments, which lack replication and high availability, for production systems.

mongodb homework 6.1 security best practices

If you choose to add the host again, Ops Manager will not display it. If the replica set has the specified number or fewer, Ops Manager pratices no alert. Monitoring Agent is out of date Sends an alert when the Monitoring Agent is not running the latest version of the software. For instructions for a specific operating system, see Automation Agent.