The second session runs on Wednesday, May 11, from7: Please be aware that some faculty members take attendance into consideration when considering final grades. Can I submit applications for multiple Diploma Programs? Notice of the filing of the complaint, the charge against the student, and a request for a preliminary investigation shall be sent to the student within four 4 days of receipt of the letter of complaint. Such hearings are not governed by the formal rules of evidence and the procedures will be determined by the hearing body and may be altered at any time. Taught by faculty members who

The Respondent has the right to be informed of allegations. At that time, the chair will ask the Associate Dean of Student Affairs if there have been any prior violations and sanctions. The thesis provides an opportunity to make a After the ninth week, no one may withdraw from a course. After submitting the Case to the Committee Chair and the Committee Designee for formal review, the Departmental Designee is no longer involved in the judiciary process. Students must log into Albert and complete the semester withdrawal form located in the My Academics section of the Student Center.

The following steps are taken in the evidence-gathering phase: The Respondent is innocent until the Panel finds the Respondent in violation of Policy. The signed Agreement Form is csps prerequisite for registration in the Graduate Thesis course.

The course was taken within the past five 5 years and the department has determined that the material is current and valid. Students can assure the integrity of their work by: The project offers you the chance to work with a startup company or nonprofit organization and propose a solution to a real business scpe. Next, the Complainant has the opportunity to respond. The Thesis Project You may elect to work on a thesis research project in lieu of the applied project.


Content is delivered as an on-site lecture or lab.

nyu scps thesis

If the student has been incapacitated or incarcerated the thesjs must have a hearing prior to being allowed to return to NYU. Credit is only earned once with a passing grade.

nyu scps thesis

Notice of the filing of the complaint, the charge against the student, and a request for a preliminary investigation shall be sent to the student within four 4 days of receipt of the letter of complaint. Once the written appeal is received, the Associate Dean of Student Affairs has the sole discretion to determine if an appointment or interview is necessary and, in any case, will communicate a written decision within fifteen 15 days after receiving the written appeal.

The faculty sponsor will set any preliminary deadlines or special conditions necessary for successful completion of the project. An official transcript with course and grade. Contact the Office of Global Services for further information. Other offenses against academic integrity include the following: The Committee will consist of the following members:.

The thesis provides an opportunity to make a First Term—Equivalency in the first term is for work required for the degree that carries no credits, such as noncredit remedial course work required as a condition of admission. Programs with shorter-semester courses six — seven weeks may have their own refund schedule that supersedes the Office of the Bursar and students should check with the program.

Reporting as your own research or knowledge any data or facts gathered or reported by another person.


Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines – MSGA Academic Website

Students who wish to study in the fall or spring semesters must independently ensure proper visa csps for their studies. Viewing access is granted in person, and by appointment only, during regular business hours. What documents must be submitted with my application? Giving one’s work to another student who then submits it as his or her own.

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The capstone should reflect both academic and professional knowledge in global affairs. All witnesses the “Witness” or Witnesses” must be approved by the Committee Designee. If a student has not completed coursework and does not register for classes for two consecutive terms fall, springthe student will be required to reapply to the scpa through the Admissions Office. The Associate Dean scsp Student Affairs has the discretion to limit the number of witnesses appearing at the hearing to a reasonable number.

Student Grievance Policy and Procedures. Incompletes are given at the discretion of the instructor in consultation with the department.

Thesis & Capstone Project Guidelines

Students nhu graduate if they have an Incomplete in any course. Proposed sanctions strike a balance between austerity and development. Unless additional information is required, the Panel makes a decision based on the preponderance of credible evidence.

International students who are required to take American Language Institute courses to develop their English skills may be given full-time equivalency to keep in compliance with visa status requirements.