Internal and external inspections, audits and reporting mechanisms underline the compliance of the organisation with formal policy instructions and rules EPR 18, 19, This post holder assures the necessary validation. That group oversees the assessment, planning and review for each life sentenced prisoner. Launching the new plan, Probation Board chair Vilma Patterson said the organisation’s new strap-line was ‘changing lives for safer communities’. In Ireland was partitioned.

Commissioners combine the duties of the previously appointed Life Sentence Commission established in Persons aged 16 and upwards are eligible. The situation is similar in respect of the remainder of European countries. This chapter provides a good overview of the youth and adult criminal justice system. PBNI allows itself 40 calendar days to make personal information available.

However as described above it is being phased out and replaced by a new kind of determinate custodial sentence with a period of supervised licence instead of a busniess order.

Life sentences may be mandatory or discretionary. This increase in volume has been demand-led with increased referrals from the courts and an increase in the numbers of orders supervised both community sentences and post-custodial licences. Access to other types of information held is possible.

Mental health ‘probation priority’

In the same way it can also signal budget under-spends. Theory Put into Practice. This provision is a good example of the desistance dimension within the PBNI approach. The youth conference system which adopts a restorative approach has been deemed to be such a success that it is attracting considerable international attention.

Tackling drug misuse and mental health problems among offenders have been highlighted as key priorities in a new plan on the future of probation services in Northern Ireland. Their work is strategically guided by the Criminal Justice Delivery Group which is chaired by the Minister of Justice.


Prisons and Probation were to remain as separate organisations but with greater interaction at management level. So far no complaint has reached this stage. However, since that stricture on the community development budget has not been set.

Mental health ‘probation priority’ –

This legislation was implemented in the same year as the Belfast Good Friday Agreement which set businees the basis for future government lbni relationships with the rest of UK and the Republic of Ireland. However, given the particular context, issues of anti-sectarian practice have been more to the fore. Business passing to and fro remains at a fairly low level with pre-sentence reports being the main reason for requests.

The review also recommended the introduction of a restorative justice strand to the processing of children and young people through the justice system and this has subsequently been implemented by the YJA. Where a custodial sentence appears to be the most likely option, the writer is expected to indicate the areas and risk factors that need to be addressed, the plaan of programmes and interventions both in custody and post-release and any appropriate licence conditions.

It meets nine or 10 times per year and does most of its work through committees that refer issues to the full board for decision. At the court stage PBNI formally takes up its role when guilt is established.

pbni business plan

An increase in the number of requests for PSRs and a rationalisation of resources forms the basis for this move towards shorter reports. The wider circle of social functioning is the context for change.


The current Standards, which have been in operation sincehave been reviewed. Launching the new plan, Probation Board chair Vilma Patterson said the organisation’s new strap-line was ‘changing lives for safer communities’.

This was increased when the community service order was introduced busineess In the past this kind of co-operative activity tended to focus on fresh and innovative projects that could at that point be peripheral rather than core.

The court may seek guidance from the Probation Board as to whether such a monitoring requirement is appropriate in relation to an individual aged 10 years or above. Surveys were carried out among members of the Assembly MLAs in and The report marked a watershed. The decision on release is taken by an external body, the Parole Commissioners for Northern Ireland.

The nature of the placement and the degree of oversight is determined by the risk assessment. PBNI contributes funding to a service23 to assist families to reduce the impact of the imprisonment of a member. A Court is obliged to consider a pre sentence report before making certain orders: By active dissemination of information had exceeded reactive provision in response to queries.

pbni business plan

None of these three sentences require the consent of the defendant.