Once the Scoreboard is filled up, then she will allow Alden and Yaya Dub to meet. In the box is also a letter, which reads:. Retrieved 1 June Retrieved 11 June They have a group chat to discuss which tag to apply to the episodes. Lola Tinidora assures her sister that she will do anything to help her. Lola Nidora arrives at the Broadway studio to confront Alden only to discover that he is not there.

Tiya Bebeng and the Pabebes – Facebook”. Lola also advises that Yaya must not give all her love to Alden but also leave some for her Lolas. Winner si Yaya Pak! Meanwhile at the site, Duhrizz turns out to be the mastermind. Alden hands her a glass of water and Yaya accidentally touches his hand. There is one more day to go before the Sa Tamang Panahon benefit concert.

The appearance of other characters like the luxurious Frankie Arenolli and the socialite DuhRizz make things even more complicated for the amorous pair.

Rpoblem Abduction – Facebook”. Nidora claims she can manage with or without Yaya Dub, but when it is time for her medicine, the Rogelios have forgotten to bring them.

Lola Nidora faints, while Alden and Yaya Dub promise each other that they will do everything to stop the wedding. Retrieved 14 March On September 25, GMA Network acknowledged a Twitter fan group called the trendsetters to supply the official hashtag for their episodes.

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Alden accepts and completes the challenge, much to Yaya Dub’s delight. The mystery caller contacts Lola Nidora and informs her that he has raised the ransom money to P million.


Retrieved 22 November When Alden finally appears without any facial disfigurement, Lola Nidora checks the bottle of acid and is shocked to see that it was just mouthwash. Yaya Dub still has the bouquet of wilted flowers that Alden gave her the day before, much to the anger of Aprll Nidora, who grabs it from her and kicks it away.

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Nidora wants the Rogelios to protect her and prevent Isadora from getting close to her daughter, Yaya Dub. While Yaya Dub is practicing, a mysterious woman peeks at Yaya Dub from a nearby vehicle but neither she nor the Lolas take notice.

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Retrieved 9 June Retrieved 16 March Lola Nidora wishes that before she dies, the YaKie wedding would push through; Yaya Dub has no bluaga but to accept Lola Nidora’s request. Retrieved 22 April Retrieved 22 June The guests finally arrive at the studio but before heading to the banquet, they quickly tour the place.

problem solving eat bulaga april 30 2015

The network, which had considered securing the rights for a local version for the past five years, started formal negotiations with TAPE Inc. They pass the test and arrive at a very long dining table, where a cut-out likeness of Nidora stands in the middle.

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Then, Sollving and Tidora receive a call informing them about Nidora’s condition. Retrieved 2 November Lola Nidora arrives at the Broadway studio to confront Alden only to discover that he is not there.


problem solving eat bulaga april 30 2015

There is one solvlng day to go before the Sa Tamang Panahon benefit concert. Retrieved 31 May However, Lola Nidora panics and attempts to blend in with the surroundings whenever police sirens ring out.

If their answers correspond to each other, they can advance to the next base until they reach their destination. During the prenup, a crying Yaya Dub 3 a despondent Alden manage to kiss despite being prevented by Lola Nidora. First Date Part 2 – Facebook”.

Suddenly, the riding- in- tandem appears and attempts to grab Nidora’s blue folder. Meanwhile, Lola Tidora arrives, ready to expose the sovling that she’s been keeping from Yaya Dub, but Nidora begs her sister not to divulge it.

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Desperate to get the money, Alden attempts to leave the Broadway studio. Tiya Bebeng and the Pabebes – Facebook”. Retrieved 9 April Countdown to Tamang Panahon”, where she solvnig to mark every challenge that Alden successfully completes.