AlDub is derived from a portmanteau of the show’s main characters’ names, namely Filipino actor Al den Richards, who portrays a fictionalized version of himself, and Yaya Dub , portrayed by comedian Maine Mendoza. Before each question, the category is given and the team chooses one player to attempt it. Retrieved 14 October The Dabarkads asks the Lolas if they have any special requests. She also misses Alden, who is away from the studio because of prior commitments. Lola Nidora remains worried because of the increased ransom and tells Yaya Dub not to listen to anyone else but only to her. Yaya Dub is again sad because Alden is not around and she tries to find him.

Retrieved 15 March It is a Facebook promo for the entire month of May that is part of the 40th anniversary celebration of Eat Bulaga! Retrieved July 23, Retrieved 29 August Puso at Nguso – Facebook”. TV special beamed live nationwide from the Folk Arts Theater.

EAT BULAGA (Problem Solving Kalyeserye) – APRIL 5 2016 Clear Video Full Episode Part 11

Their presence filled the void left by Doktora Dora de Explorer’s character also played by Bayolawho has left the previous day because she has to attend a seminar in South Africa. Alden later says that he will bring some of Yaya Dub’s favorite food, isaw na manok chicken intestinestomorrow.


Retrieved 2 July Retrieved 28 May Bill tells Tinidora that he is regretful about hurting her and will wait for her no matter what. Retrieved 11 June Lola Nidora, who is getting a little soft for the couple, also tells Yaya that her love for Alden should be her inspiration for her job. aolving

problem solving eat bulaga july 23 2015

Ang Huling Habilin ni Lola On July 7,Eat Bulaga! On January 28,Eat Bulaga!

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This episode marks the first appearance of Bae-by Baste and Lola Julg. Archived from the original on August 21, While Alden and Yaya are seated, Tinidora and the Dabarkads find ways to push the couple closer to each other when Nidora is not looking.

Retrieved September 5, With Alden still juky absent, Yaya chooses to be happy following Lola Nidora’s advice. The wedding concludes and Lola Nidora demands that Frankie hand over the payment for ssolving ransom money. Retrieved 11 November Retrieved 11 April Archived from the original on August 3, Retrieved 3 August Because of chest pains, Nidora is brought back to the ambulance and rushed to the hospital.

Tinidora recounts the events of last Saturday to Tidora, who is exhausted because she had to walk to the barangay from Cebu after missing her flight.

Retrieved 5 February I think that if there is anything that Yaya Dub has shown us, it is the stereotypical and “mediatized” nature of our emotions and modes of expression.


This aolving Lola Nidora nervous and she uses a tape measure to check the distance between Alden and Yaya, to make sure that jly are no less than 1-foot apart. Si Senyora Celia at ang It is the day of the “Bulaga pa more!

Lola Nidora reluctantly agrees solvinv tells Yaya Dub that she has to adhere to three conditions: Retrieved 9 December Retrieved 24 June Alden Richards, nagulat sa suportang natatanggap ng AlDub”. Alden and Yaya promise each other that they’ll be happy with the outcome of the buulaga, whoever the winner will be.

Laban o Bawi witnessed a short revival from to with a revamped elimination round. Retrieved 26 July Five key tweets that made record-breaking history”.

problem solving eat bulaga july 23 2015

She gets behind all of us, and lip-syncs the standard texts of our private selves—our insecurities, anger, celebratory moments, and frustrations.