Everyone must buy into the improvement of the school. Kindergartners start with one period a day in which they are immersed in their non-native language; upper grades have more. This school is Better Near Worse than the citywide average. Students may conduct experiments in class, build volcanoes with the science teacher, and devote themselves to non-fiction books during reading period. Donate to InsideSchools Volunteer your time, send us your comments or make a tax-deductible donation to help us help you find the best school for your child. From School Quality Guide Average daily attendance.

A lot of extra-curriculars – such as soccer teams, or music or dance lessons, are available at the school. Describe the program or initiative that has had the greatest positive effect on student achievement, including closing achievement or opportunity gaps, if applicable. Pamela Wheaton, May If you don’t have a UFT. Post your own comments about schools. Describe the most successful activity your school has initiated to strengthen ties to your community. Very long comments, those that contain links, or repeat comments may be blocked by our spam filter.

P.S. 249 The Caton

The picture was then projected on a screen so the jury could see it clearly. Teachers work closely together with the more experienced staff mentoring newer faculty. Post your own comments about schools.

The school must be student-centered. Albert Shanker Scholarship Awards May 14, There is always a buzz of activity, even on Fridays, when children typically are distracted by thoughts of a school-free weekend. Jonathan Fickies First-grade teachers — both new and experienced — talk about teaching strategies.


Students also get the opportunity for travel: How many students miss 18 or more days of school? Homewoek the summer, we provide books to students for summer reading.

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Create new account Request new password. The witness, now 13, was asked by Assistant District Attorney Ebonie Legrand to retell her account of the incident involving her science teacher, Carrasquillo, in Describe your philosophy of school change or improvement.

From Demographic Snapshot Enrollment. Provider Appreciation Awards Ceremony May 11, This story is free to read thanks to cqton generous support from readers like you. How do students perform academically? Everyone must buy into the improvement of the school. How does this school serve special populations? In addition to sexual abuse, he is charged with child endangerment. We look at kids individually, the principal said.

We also promote student autonomy and visible learners.

ps 249 caton school homework

Collaboration and Coherence is promoted throughout the school building with everyone that has the same systems and structures in place in their classrooms. Once data is collected, a team that consists of Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Coach and Data Specialist meet with classroom teachers to discuss data by looking at actual results, projection of how many students can be pushed to proficiency and then create an action plan to improve student progress.


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How many elementary school students scored on the state reading exam? There are several self-contained classes, but no Integrated Co-Teaching classes.

Kindergartners sschool with one period a day in which they are immersed in their non-native language; upper grades have more. We meet to discuss school improvements and modifications to our systems and structures. Critical Professional Development Activities include: Please enter your name here. Describe how data is used to improve student achievement and inform decision making. Students get lots of individual attention, especially during the second period of each day when all instructional staff is working with students in classrooms.

Caton School Teacher Denies Sexual Abuse Despite Testimony

Browse Instruction Leadership Policy. Discover your best options Middle School High School. This school offers Dual Language classes in Spanish.