Students are notified by email of probationary standing and must meet with their academic advisor and complete the Graduate Probation Advising Form. The request must be made during the semester of attendance or immediately following the semester in which the grade was assigned. To register for a Culminating Experience course, a student must have a 3. Bachelor of Science in Physics: The student may not take lower-division, non-academic or activity courses to improve their GPA. Students who are disqualified from the graduate degree, credential, or any certificate program and from further enrollment in the University may file for reinstatement by completing the Petition for Reinstatement Following Disqualification. There shall be no refund of previously paid graduate fees.

Business Certificates Toggle Business Certificates. The plan of study that must be completed prior to award of the degree is documented on the Advancement to Candidacy ATC form. Degrees Offered Toggle Degrees Offered. Advancement to Candidacy ATC form. Each proposal must have an attachment that includes:. Concentration in Physics for Teaching. Graduate Education Toggle Graduate Education.

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A current curriculum vitae must be on file in Graduate Studies. After grades are published by the Registrar at the end of the semester during which the student is on probation, one of two actions will occur: Level I written English proficiency requirements are set by the academic department.

Concentration in English Education.

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Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology. This award is conferred on master and doctoral students who have a distinguished record of academic performance and degree-related service in their graduate program.


Forms must fhesis completed online and downloaded for signature and submission.

Probation Students will be placed on academic probation if the overall, San Francisco State University, or semester grade point average falls below 3. Each proposal must have an attachment that includes:. The graduate committee consists of at least 3-faculty members.

Requirements and Steps to Graduation

Concentration checkliwt Physics for Teaching. Concentration in Art History and Studio Art. Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics: Concentration in School Age Child and Family. Africana Studies Toggle Africana Studies.

School of Design Toggle School of Design. Students must submit Report of Completion or Thesis Receipt. Changing from one graduate degree program to another or from one credential program to another is a serious decision that should be given thoughtful consideration. Concentration in Product Design and Development.

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The written English proficiency policy S16— requires two distinct levels of assessment: A student whose work involves humans, vertebrate animals, or biological specimens e.

Completion paperwork will only be accepted with original faculty signatures and must indicate the date the Culminating Experience requirements were completed. Academic departments may choose to include additional prerequisites.


If a course is repeated, both grades remain on the transcript, and the GPA for both courses is averaged for the overall GPA.

Computer Science Toggle Computer Science.

sfsu thesis checklist

Creative Writing Toggle Creative Writing. Checklisf student becomes subject to academic probation while on administrative probation. In the rare cases this is not possible because of University budgetary issues or curricular changes, file the Waiver for Graduate Program Regulation Form. If the instructor and the student can work out an agreement, a petition for a grade change can be submitted.

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Checklizt Offered Toggle Degrees Offered. This Culminating Experience may be a musical composition, a group of paintings, a performance, a film, a learning module, a design project, or another creative endeavor by an individual student, as specified by the program.

sfsu thesis checklist

Concentration in Exercise and Movement Sciences. Social Work Toggle Social Work. Political Science Toggle Political Science. Arts and Humanities — 9 units minimum C1: Graduate Student Academic Standing All students who have earned an undergraduate degree and who are enrolled as graduate classified or unclassifiedcredential, second baccalaureate, and certificate graduate and undergraduate students are held to these thesks standards. Bachelor of Arts in English: