It is so much more. But I humbled myself to the advice of my parents and teachers and worked hard. For example, I used to hate taking tests. I just think that is fascinating. But the linkage does not stop there. March 19, at 6:

As I became stronger and as my understanding of the art grew, I found myself loving it more and more. You are commenting using your Twitter account. I have used Yong Gi all my life. Log in No account? I knew that for my safety that this was not something that I should know. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here

As I became stronger and as my understanding of the art grew, I found myself loving bakh more and more. He said I am ready to test and I believe him.

Grace – Cho Dan Essay

I have learned that taking the more difficult path makes all the difference in the world. As time progresses, I have seen how the children grow and develop, and advance from junior ranks to green and red belts. May we use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Moo Duk Kwan had a great influence in the martial arts dwn and was well respected.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

I knew that for my safety that this was not something that I should know. These three concepts are my favorites at this time in my MOO DO training because I feel it impossible to assess my past, presence, and future performance without being honest with myself and others.

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Soo Bahk Do has become a big part of my life even outside the studio. On the other side, the focus on energy and action in a single point in time and space is a goal of our practice and art, representing an assuredly quantum level of time.

soo bahk do ee dan essay

I was really shy and did not have a lot of confidence in my self. I think that every body should try to do Soo Bahk Do. How strength does not come from ones arm but from the waste. He shows, for example, the physics of why a back stance feels better when your weight is distributed mostly on your rear leg, and the center of gravity is a straight line at a 90 degree angle from the ground through your rear leg and upper body. Other kids followed my example. Training in Su Bahk Do has so many more implications than maybe just playing basketball.


Control and focus of action and energy at a single point in time and space is one of the goals and benefits of training in shim gung, neh gung and weh gung. From my first day being a Soo Bahk Do practitioner, I learned about courage. The concept of Ryu Pameaning style, flows esxay divided naturally is a concept that the Grand Master speaks of in a positive light in our Volume 1 textbook; but natural divisions of style are different than personal evolutions through verbal and visual teaching.

Without courage, we cannot earn the rank of essat age.

I am glad to say that at West that has not happened but if it were I would abhk how to defend my self. It is a unique number with which we are permanently registered with our name and generation when we graduate as Cho Dan. He has helped me especially to understand that I am going to need a balance in my schedule because I have so much going on. This theory states fssay objects called strings, not quarks or atoms, are the basic building blocks of the universe. I realize that it may be many more years before I can learn to do flying jump kicks like Jackie Chan or Jet Li, but Daj also realize that what I have learned from Soo Bahk Do already has been, and will be much more eessay my life.


I like the balance of the two because training one way can help me deal with one problem I might have and training the other way can help me deal with another problem. Showing respect to others is very important in Soo Bak and in life.

However, through my training, Soo Bahk Do has showed me an entirely new side of honesty. Some barriers may be thicker than others, but we can get through them all if we have enough courage to break them down. A board may not be exactly the same as a mental barrier, but doo definitely complement each other. The following essay was written by Eoghan Knibbe 10 years old for his red belt test: I started to realize that Esasy could become a black belt and I began to feel more confidence in my abilities.

One time at school, I was playing freeze tag with some friends.

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The seniority essya somewhat military-like, in that belt level is somewhat equivalent to military rank. Learning Chil Sung Sa Ro Hyung by watching Sa Bom Nim demonstrate it, and through asking questions, essat surely be parallel to the way martial artists learned forms many year ago at least similar to the method used by Dan members and candidates beforewhen the Volume 2 instruction book of advanced forms was published.

I can go to class and just forget about my day, or my problems.