Data analysis in qualitative research. Once learners show improvement and some degree of automaticity has been achieved, attention can be directed towards higher order activities, such as more complicated technique, tactics, and eventually the full game environment. In Figure 1 this description would refer to the bottom left of the diagram. The technique skill-to-tactic approach also appears to make good use of dynamical systems principles in the development of technique. This shows a direct link between this methodology and a greater involvement of students in sport. With respect to the second objective, academic results significantly influenced interest in sport in group A, while differences in group B were found in relation to extracurricular sports practice. Once basic decision-making rules are understood and can be implemented in the simplest modified game, it can be altered to incorporate more of the features found in the whole game.

However, the study does have some limitations. Bench marks from the Tacit Knowledge of the Founders. The TGFU approach was proposed as an alternative to the technique approach because it was noted that techniques practiced in isolation did not transfer to the game. There were participants in the study By adjusting modified games, more of the technical form and tactics of the full game can be incorporated into practice until learners find themselves performing in a whole game environment.

Looking at the past, present, and future. Influence of a hybrid Sport Education: The average age was Each lesson includes an initial warm-up, skills, techniques and tactics of the sport in the central part, and a game at the end Siedentop and Tannehill, The grade did not influence significantly the interest in sport in any group.


The teacher of the experimental group tried to make sure that all students achieved the tasks proposed in the class:.

According to the variables of the study, participants were asked about six aspects after finishing the three sports units Table 1. In this regard, experiences show how reflection and modification of technical, tactical and litrature patterns of games make students more aware of its execution, while the teacher may present initial insecurities in the implementation of the model Diaz-Cueto et al.

tgfu literature review

Teaching Games for Understanding TGfU is a pedagogical model which originated in the s with the main objective of promoting learning in sport Thorpe et al. A tactical games approach. Intrinsic dynamics must be destabilized, and new dynamics discovered and practiced in order to establish an appropriate attractor state. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Teaching Games for Understanding: Thus the normal progression of learners implicitly advocated by the information processing approach is from skills, to tactics, to a full game.

The British Journal of Physical Education, 28 3 Insert Figure 1 about here.

Top 10 Research Questions Related to Teaching Games for Understanding

Furthermore, teacher interviews were applied at the end based on common categories. The dependent variables of the research coincided with the two factors extracted in the quantitative part.

tgfu literature review

Instructional Models for Physical Education. Towards a critical pedagogy. Implications for the motor systems versus action systems controversy.


Top 10 Research Questions Related to Teaching Games for Understanding

Application of four different football match analysis systems: Providing participants with opportunities curriculum within a PETE programme which to shape their learning experience recognises one led to a heightened awareness of offering more of the key features of TGfU and was a crucial diversity in future curriculum delivery e. What are the strategies to ensure more motivation and capability by students?

Possibilities and implications of using a motion-tracking system in physical education. The tactical perspective to games teaching located in the top right-hand side of the diagram has a student emphasis on learning and a tactical focus on game play. It is worth noting the opinions of the teachers participating in the experiment.

Log In Sign Up. Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sport, 66 3 This open format allowed us to explore new areas and produce richer data.

Griffin and Patton offer the knowing little about games, 3 develops limited following explanations for each principle: Later, technical gestures are applied to tactical situations.

Team of 2 in defence. Development and preliminary validation.

tgfu literature review

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