The school also offers minors in Economics and in International Economics. There are several key documents which you should read carefully. This course is a prerequisite for most two-hundred level courses. Meeting Graduation Requirements As a Sociology major, you are responsible for reading and understanding all graduation requirements at the departmental, college and university levels and making sure that they are met. The program gives students the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge through relevant extracurricular activities, internships, and study abroad programs. In this program, you can expect to take courses like: Students take courses like:

As any good economist would, we at College Choice have crunched the numbers before making the following recommendations. Studying economics can lead to careers in business, banking, government, public policy, private enterprise, education, and more. Students must maintain a 2. An internship is usually not required, but it may be a for-credit option. Opened in , Stanford has a distinguished history as a leader in learning, discovery, innovation, and discourse. In this program, you can expect to take courses such as:

Notables The economics department offers a mentoring program called CARE Career in Academic Research in Economics for high-achieving undergraduate students who wish to pursue graduate studies in economics.

They also complete upper-level economics electives, a Business Competency nine related credit hoursor both. This includes courses on finance, marketing, management, business communication, accounting, and business economics. Although a relatively small school, Clarion shpporting student organizations, numerous internship and study abroad opportunities, and more than academic programs.

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Students then tailor their degree by choosing economics courses ecln align with their career goals. Students take required courses, foundation courses, and electives, in addition to general education requirements.


Provides exposure to the major tools and terminology of social research, including the use of computers in sociology. The degree prepares students for careers or graduate study in business, economics, ceon, government, and more.

uiuc econ supporting coursework

Students must maintain a 2. Students should begin planning and completing their supporting coursework no later than their sophomore year. Students complete courses on economic principles, calculus, microeconomic theory, macroeconomic theory, statistics, econometrics, and 19 additional credits of approved economics courses. Students in the Bachelor of Business Administration in Economics program complete 18 semester hours of economics courses.

The program emphasizes organizational management supported by knowledge of finance, law, accounting, and marketing.

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Sociology majors must complete 32 overall hours of Sociology. The following lists these documents and where you can get them if you don’t already have them: This degree program prepares students for successful careers in business, public service, academics, and government service. This program is also available online.

uiuc econ supporting coursework

uicu These courses must be approved by the department chair. Students must maintain a C or higher in all units applied toward the major. Robert Morris University is a private university in suburban Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Intermediate Microeconomics Intermediate Macroeconomics Introductory Econometrics Economics Capstone Internship, Special Problems, or Study Abroad Notables According to their individual interests, students pursue elective coursework in business, agriculture, mathematics, history, and political science.

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The school serves more than 7, students and provides programs spporting more than areas of academic study. Program Features Students in both cuorsework Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Arts in Economics gain strong computation, communication, and data analysis skills. Located in Manhattan, New York City, the public university provides high-quality, affordable education to more than 16, students.


Students are required to take at least one writing-intensive course and must earn a grade of C minus or better in each course that counts toward the Economics degree.

Additional majors and minors in Economics are available, including a new BS in Quantitative Economics. Harvard also offers a BA in Economics. And since they say money makes the world go round, a degree in economics can open the door courxework a career in just about any industry. It also examines theoretical insights and methods of analysis.

uiuc econ supporting coursework

Most programs have a GPA requirement. UNT has an active alumni network and numerous connections with business, educational, community, and global partners.

The diverse undergraduate student body numbers over 25, The following lists these documents and where you cpursework get them if you don’t already have them:. Meeting Graduation Requirements As a Sociology major, you are responsible for reading and understanding all graduation requirements at the departmental, college and university levels and making sure that they are met. They explore macro and micro economics, cost and inflation theories, estimation, market structure, capital budgeting, and entrepreneurship — all from a Christ-centered perspective.

The top 25 research university provides access to state-of-the-art resources and interdisciplinary pursuits in collaborative environments.