Stephen Harris This course introduces you to data science. In looking at a wide range literary, visual, and filmic texts that span across different historical periods, geographical and cultural contexts, this course examines some of the coordinates along which femininity and masculinity , notions of sexuality, and desire can be traced. Over the last hundred years, South Africa has seen transitions of a momentous nature: While sometimes associated with illiterate children, toxic masculinity, and commercial vulgarity, these formats have allowed for fascinatingly complex experiments in narrative and representation by diverse artists, resulting in works that require, and reward, close attention and analysis. UMass offers a number of introductions to data science, but this course focuses on practical applications in literature, language, history, art, architecture, film, music, dance, society, and politics. Nicholas Bromell Cultivating Awareness:

We will heighten our focus toward elements of space, time, and style within a given text. Through study of the longstanding intimacies between art and geopolitics, this course will offer you some answers and some ways of thinking about the question. More contemporary rhetorical theories have expanded the purview of rhetoric to include visual media, digital culture, and nonverbal performance and to see rhetorical motivations lurking even in artifacts produced without conscious persuasive design. Assignments will include formal and informal papers, some of which will go through the draft-and-revision process; other possible assignments include in-class presentations and online reader-response postings. In addition to historical reading, the course focuses on twentieth-century fiction, though it may also cover a couple of nineteenth-century texts.

David Pritchard In this class, we will study a wide array of literary registrations of writting dynamics of gender and sexuality. In particular, we will study the relationship between race and literature in the United States, investigating how racial identities and differences have been historically in flux.

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Not finding what you’re looking for? We will examine how each of these terms raises questions about representation and figuration, and bring these questions to bear on how we understand different historical configurations of gender and sexuality across the 20th and 21st centuries.


We will examine short stories, novels, essays, and more. Jenny Adams In this course we will work together to produce an creatove reading of Geoffrey Chaucer’s most famous poem, the “Canterbury Tales.

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This course helps you pave the way to a valuable post-graduate experience–be it spscialization program, internship, or job. The skill set you learn in this course is portable to business, law, journalism, teaching, and public service.

You will become well practiced in close reading as we consider how individual words and phrases open onto urgent questions about the changing social, political, and theatrical worlds of Shakespeare’s time.

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For example, what do dystopian narratives in comics, video games, and new media productions have in common? Thomas Pickering This course offers an overview of commonly encountered professional genres such as umsss, reports, job materials, and grant proposals.

In essays, you will be asked writin combine conceptual, historical, and literary analysis. Your students are lucky to have you and so are we! Laura Furlan In this version of Englishwe will be thinking about the history of resistance and protest in the United States, looking specifically at two recent moments as case studies: How can one original work be called predictable but the retelling of a classic still manages to surprise?

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Students interested in the course should submit an application to writingcenter acad. A final essay pages. Program formats vary, with offerings lasting a weekend or a year and participants drawing from faculty or graduate students, but each program is oriented around Sarah Patterson general course description for English Fiction by women exploring the social and sexual arrangements of American creatuve.

Who construct worlds in English when, often, they live their lives in other languages.

umass amherst creative writing specialization

Reading it in the original language allows you to practice intense close reading, an essential component of a literary education. They develop more sophisticated research skills and gain experience in communicating specialized information to non-specialist readers.


Reading from a range of genres and looking at film and images, we will rwiting how texts portray disabilities across the human spectrum.

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The letter of specialization in SPOW is open to students from any major. I will be an inhabitant of the world, in spite of the world. We will explore how authors depict composers and the act of composition, performers and the act of performance, and the role of the audience and the reader.

Oxford University Press, We will investigate what led to these two particular protest movements Black Lives Matter and NoDAPLwhat was at stake in each, how they were portrayed in the news media, the role social media played, and the related and relevant cultural productions books, films, art, music that have appeared in their wake.

How do they define poetry and the role of the poet? Open to senior English majors. Please join us tomorrow Thursday at 4: This class will specializtion a team-based soecialization format, meaning all students will be asked to play a leading role in class discussions and will be required to work closely on digital projects and other assignments with members of a team.

How was your weekend, UMass? Can postmodern cultural theory help us better understand some of the social and political ramifications of dystopian culture? What is the Romantic writer’s relationship to nature and place? You will learn the python programming language, how to design simple algorithms, and how to apply data science to the humanities.