To put things in perspective, I’m a pretty narcissistic individual, but this course made me feel guilty about convincing a friend to take it with me. This review was posted on October 31, Nothing but a waste of time and money. The content for the most part is enjoyable because it focuses a lot on modern things like Facebook and video games. But overall, the course was interesting lecture wise but the readings are a pain to read and digest. I am not sure what they are on about.

She’s still a good lecturer though, and the course content is pretty interesting. This review was posted on January 05, This review was posted on November 23, My Grandfather smoked his whole life. Writing objectively Writing concisely 1st vs. This section is optional and not needed in most documents. In schools today, nearly all classrooms have access to a computer.

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Body paragraphs The first sentence of this paragraph is the topic sentence. Coursework must be typed: This review is coming from a 2nd year student took this paper in summer school, dormat who had very little knowledge of essay writing, or just reading and writing in general, prior to taking this paper. This review was posted on November 22, In terms of marking, it wasn’t too bad.


This review was posted on July 07, Calendar more This review was posted on July 22, Worst paper I’ve ever taken – didn’t end up attending half of the lectures because I would literally fall asleep at the monotonous sound of Stephen’s voice and the horrendous content.

Markers expect us to write stories like Jk rowling. This is not a difficult paper.

dssay My team was good so that probably helped. The skills a child learns are the important part of any lesson, and it is the same with technology.

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If you got Margot as your marker, you’re fucked. Overall a great course to take.

uoa essay format

Let that person know. This review was posted on October 03, Did really badly on this paper, probably the worst mark I have ever gotten in my university degree. The first ten percent is just for showing up to tutorial, and the other ten percent is for completing tutorial activities. School staff need fkrmat research what IT is available and what would best serve the school’s purpose, not simply purchase the latest equipment. essqy

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Paragraph breaks The most common way to separate paragraphs is with a blank line. It uses keywords from the question: This review was essaj on October 09, Note – If a flowchart or other diagrams are to be included, please talk to the Policy and Compliance Officer to discuss the best way of doing this.


I took this paper as a gen ed in Semester 2 This review was posted on November 17, foormat FTVMS Formatting coursework Tutors will be able to offer guidance on writing style, structure and other aspects of coursework assignments. This question requires you to go beyond merely identifying schools’ use of information technology in the classroom. On a brighter note, the tutorials were helpful.

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Readings are too much content is terrible at times e. At 21, I have never touched a cigarette.

uoa essay format

This review was posted on July 01, Siv is boring and doesn’t seem to enjoy lecturing. This review was posted on May 23, Sample essay 1 The assignment topic How can schools make the best use of information technology in the classroom?