They distill the knowledge and skills acquired in academic courses and apply them to a real-world project. All are welcome to attend this free event: Note that you can do research and complete a practical Capstone. Capstone Information Sessions take place each autumn and spring. A Web Archiving Toolkit An evolving web makes sustained access to content of stakeholder stories a unique challenge—riddled with ethical questions.

Information for students presenting at Capstone. Read our recap of the event. The best news is that there is no cost to submitting a project for consideration or executing it if accepted! Goals for the Capstone experience include: Research best practices for information vendor assessment and synthesize to produce a set of recommendations. See examples of past Capstone projects. Under the guidance of Professor Ed McCormack Civil and Environmental Engineering this team of students will use GIS software and other analytical tools to evaluate truck data, gain experience, and learn about freight transportation planning at the local and regional levels.

Learn how to partner with iSchool students on a Capstone project. Students are required to present their research at the Undergraduate Research Symposiumthe iSchool Research Fair, or the spring iSchool Capstone event. Keystone Projects sichool designed for students in the Environmental Management certificate program, however students can participate in Keystone Projects for independent study credits.

It is the iSchool’s most popular and prestigious event of the year. Perform an information inventory across a large and diverse set of documents.

The final piece is the Capstone event at the end of the school year.

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Do a requirements study for the creation and integration of taxonomies in an information management system and provide recommended solution for adoption by iscuool client. Approximately two thirds of the freight that moves through the Port of Seattle each day does so via truck. Info sessions generally cover how to pdoject on a project, identify a sponsor, and form a team; human subjects considerations; and how to prepare for the start of the Capstone course.


Reset Password Username or E-mail: Thursday, June 5, 6 — 9 p. Where are the Next Best Ideas in the information field coming from? Adobe InDesign was utilized for the book layout. They may be interim reports, a finished product or a completed project plan kschool for approval. The evening begins promptly at 6: Analyzing The Gates Foundation’s Grant Giving Process The Gates Foundation Grand Challenges has teamed up with InfoVision in order to develop a point-in-time first encounter analysis and bias report regarding their current blind review methodology.

Taken in winter quarter. Many of our Capstone teams have added significant value to regional and international small businesses, as well as initiatives in the non-profit, social impact, and startup community worldwide.

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Project Examples The primary goal of your Capstone project is to demonstrate your mastery of the knowledge that you have gained in your program. Solutions are typically interactive, meaning the end product is something that can be implemented and used.

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Loading search results, please wait. Capstone projects from the UW Information School are concrete examples of how we design and build effective solutions to the information problems people and organizations face every day.


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Determine where in the organization the information all exists and design a methodology for drawing it all together into a unified view. Capstone projects can be research-oriented or design-oriented. Intelius is excited to be presenting sponsor of the UW ischool capstone !

The first type is a practical Capstone. A note from our sponsor: Close menu Toolkit Customize Your Experience.

uw ischool capstone project

Information for students presenting at Capstone. ASLearn is a mobile learning aid designed to teach children ASL, all starting with the snap of a photo. More information at https: Capstone projects are developed during winter quarter January-March and are implemented during spring quarter April through June.

This will allow the map collection to be searched by element, and for librarians to locate items and generate finding aids.

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These professionals transport severely ill or injured patients by airplane and helicopter to reach lifesaving medical treatment. This will result in waiving the practical Capstone graduation requirement.

Your advisor can also be faculty at another university if sponsored through an NSF Research Experience for Undergraduates program. Guests are invited to see how iSchool students have been using information as a tool for transformation in their academic, professional and personal lives.