From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. When writing your responses, I would recommend saving them on a Word document. Did you take more than the minimum number of courses required for admission? You really can put anything down here that relates to why you want to become an engineer. The Admission Information Form is required for admission because of the high volume of applications that we receive and because we are looking for well-rounded students who have had meaningful experiences outside of the classroom. We recommend that you submit your responses within 3 weeks of receiving the email from us confirming your application to Waterloo. Talk about leadership positions you held in the past.

What is the Admission Information Form? If you have tons of activities and awards, make sure that you communicate it effectively. Hthmn Thanks for the advice. You are trying to sell yourself. You will receive a link and will create a new password via email. Tighten up the words a bit as you switch between the future, past and present tense a fair amount.

This would be put as an extracurricular activity. The main purpose of the AIF is to convince the admission officer that you deserve to be at the University of Waterloo. Explain to the reader why you want to study at Waterloo so badly.

Why does the University of Waterloo have a good reputation in Silicon Valley? According to Chances foryou have a decent chance, but who knows which way this year will go? Firstly, think of what your goal is as an engineer. What is your career goal, specifically.


Then tell them you do all that. Finally, you can list up to two alternate Engineering programs. In my answer to the first question I have talked about the university with its co-op program and its goal of producing innovative engineers, maybe I should add its reputation and something about the Electrical Engineering department as well.

Initiative, time management, problem-solving, eagerness to learn.

waterloo aif essay

It isn’t an english essay, you’re supposed to be selling “you”. Real advice from real students. Remember who the reader is. You dismissed this ad.

How to write a good Admission Information Form (AIF) University of Waterloo – Quora

Remember that time when we went watedloo together… Good times. I suspect that they would like submitting an essay even less. A Desperate Grade 12 Student Mine felt badly structured too, because of the character limit.

For the reading interest question, choose something that you really enjoyed. At this stage, there is no right or wrong approach to this except to note that any type of evaluation conducted should be consistent and thorough.

Breaking Down the AIF – A Guideline and Tips – UWJMC

Is it really that good? It’s an online form that you complete once you’ve applied for admission. If your reason is unsatisfactory, then it is said that the mark will be penalized as summer school is looked down upon.

Keep in mind that engineering watdrloo the hard maths and sciences.


Hope for the best. Keep in mind that exemplify means to illustrate or an example but demonstrate is putting this into action—to show clearly. Mechatronics has about spots.

Waterloo AIF- My goals and interest and my reason for choosing Waterloo

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Keep in mind that the University of Waterloo ranks number one in producing the Leaders of Tomorrow.

waterloo aif essay

There is a Turnitin for Admissions service that wif universities use to check for that. From program comparisons to admission requirements to residence reviews—get real answers from real Canadian students. Some students will engage in many activities while others may focus intensively on a smaller number of activities; interest and quality are most important.

waterloo aif essay

Honestly, esssay the frills and unnecessary BS, be straightforward and put what you mean. While writing the AIF Write personal responses.

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