The thesis committee chair and the dean or the associate dean of the honors college must approve the thesis topic. The defense consists of three parts: We recommend setting up regularly schedule meetings once a week, bimonthly, or at least once a month. Skip to main content. For examples of past honors theses, please visit ScholarWorks. This need not be formal, although your committee will likely appreciate it if you provide them with a one- or two-page summary of your proposed work a few days before the meeting; this will allow them time to consider your proposal and offer you valuable guidance.

There are many ways to find a thesis chair. Likewise, College of Fine Arts students who complete performances that cannot be recorded or reproduced due to copyright restrictions must consult with the dean or associate dean of the honors college regarding alternate documentation. Procrastination is not considered an extenuating circumstance. Most faculty identify their specific areas of expertise on their departmental websites. A reflection paper is required for creative works. It is intended to provide you with an opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills developed during your undergraduate studies at WMU. No, you may complete a thesis in any area of interest to you, as long as the thesis meets the scholarly standards of that field of study.

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Do not worry if your ideas are still a bit nebulous when you proceed to step three. For students who entered the honors college in fall or later, at least one credit of HNRS is required and is counted in the Experiential category as part of the 18 total required honors credits.

Graduation audit will be emailed collegge your wmich. Now that you’ve carefully and thoroughly read through the thesis handbook, bookmark or print out this handy thesis checklist to help keep you on track during your thesis process! You should definitely have regularly scheduled meetings with your thesis chair. Wmk date of graduation: Well done – you are almost finished!


Choose your thesis committee chair in your junior year Once you have settled on a preliminary topic, the next step is to identify a thesis committee chair also sometimes referred to as the thesis mentor or advisor. Can it be substituted for HNRS ?

Final approved honors thesis and supporting coolege as outlined in the thesis defense packet. You should plan for your defense to take 1 to 2 hours.

Honors Thesis

If you have any questions that were not answered in the RSVP information, please contact our graduation coordinator, Iyanah Carmichael via email or call Questions regarding which courses are approved should be directed to your honors college advisor.

In addition to the honors thesis chair, you must select at least one other expert to serve on your committee. Your packet should be picked up at the honors college before the defense, taken to your defense to be completed by your committee members, and then returned to the honors college.

If you choose a topic based on a course you took at WMU, make an appointment with the course instructor to discuss your idea. Ideally, your committee members will meet with you before you begin work on the thesis so that they may give you advice and ideas regarding your proposed work. The thesis length is dictated by the professional norms of your particular field of study. Even if the instructor is unable to serve as your thesis chair, he or she might be able to suggest a faculty member who is available and who has expertise closely related to your topic.

The honors thesis is a long-standing tradition in honors programs and colleges, including the Lee Honors College at Western Michigan University. Register for HNRS Skip to main content.

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View it as a chance to show off your knowledge, discuss what you might have done differently in retrospect and what you would do if you were to continue this project, for example, as a graduate student. The defense request form will be used by the honors college staff to record your thesis title for graduation, to advertise your thesis defense and to generate a packet of materials for your thesis committee. Business attire is appropriate; regalia should not be worn to the honors college ceremony.


I’m afraid to get started and as a result have been procrastinating.

wmu lee honors college thesis

In this case, the presentation given at the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences Senior Design Day will serve as a substitute for the oral defense of the thesis described above. The thesis declaration approval email from the dean or associate dean outlines exactly what must be honorz to document BFA theses. While not required of thhesis entering prior to fallit is strongly recommended that those students consider taking this course as well.

Your thesis chair should help you to identify clear milestones and deadlines for your project. Skip to main content. If your committee anticipates that more than one hour will be needed for your defense, please make certain that your room is available or make plans to continue your closed-door defense in another location.

Thesis extensions are oee only for extenuating circumstances, such as illness of a student or their thesis chair.

Steps and Timeline Step One: Once you have settled on a preliminary topic, the next step is to identify a thesis committee chair also sometimes referred to as the thesis mentor or advisor. If your project involves the use of recombinant or synthetic DNA, or microbiological agents and their products, or life sciences research, you must contact the Institutional Biosafety Committee WMU-IBC at For detailed information about completing your thesis project, please read the thesis handbook carefully, or contact your honors college academic advisor.