The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. How many apps do you have on your mobile phone? Together, they built a meticulous process with a team of 30 people including a data team that collects data of vendors, and verifies the details along with a chat team of eight people which engages with the end customers. Simply, this provides you result exactly as per your requirement. Even people who had zero revenue in their venture, but earned a lot later.

Can you tell us any lesson you learnt from the past experience that helped you when you started zootout? An interview with Mrs. Follow your dream and passion. What unique idea makes Housing. Don t do this mistake. What made you take a plunge into Entrepreneurship? Yes, we all were quite sure that we wanted to pursue entrepreneurship, not only for pursuing our animal instincts, but also to contribute in some manner for the upliftment of our economy.

How many apps do you have on your mobile phone?

We have currently started with food and nightlife, and soon we will come up with other segments like- beauty, apparels, sale, events, shopping etc. In initial days, we faced a couple of issues.

Interview with Mr. Subrat Kar, Co-Founder, Zootout.com

What are the initial steps in starting a service-based website like Zomato, Zootout, RedBus, etc.? In near future we are coming with some cool products and services for our users. How can I get noticed with zooout cards? An interview with Mrs.


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I am not the one businfss behind the story of Zootout. He had started a food guide Khaopiyo. What unique idea makes Housing. Further I even consider Steve Jobs as a real innovative enterpreneur. We therefore since very beginning are very clear on our direction few years down the line, i.

zootout business plan

Follow your dream and passion. A food guide that does serve its purpose visit here http: We are getting a good response on it. An interview with Mr. Entrepreneurship is good, but before jumping on it, make sure that your family members should not suffer because of you.

Don t do this mistake. Related publications Share Embed Add to favorites Comments. Brief us about your venture?

Recent Comments Fiona Wells on What is optimality in assignment zootoht Besides, sharing or Zoot’ing your loved dishes within your social network through our mobile application would fascinate you the most. You start asking people about the closest restaurant and even then you may have your own doubts.


I was inspired to take up entrepreneurship as a career when I was in 11th Standard and during my engineering days I decided to start venture zoofout than joining any placement activities. How did Zootout click?

zootout business plan

Name of Institute does not matter. My advice to these confused buddies are ” Go for starting up if you have plans to start company in future, start yourself by borrowing money or follow the “Jugaad” strategy, don t wait to earn some money or after MBA to start company.

Zootout not only lets you to explore basic information, but also Specialty of a restaurant you are planning to visit. Ask Us On WhatsApp. We are three Co-Founders: Do all the things by your own, discuss with your team and your mentors.

I have now completely restructured Zootout. Your main aim should be to solve problems in market, fulfill the need of customers and make them happy, money will come automatically. Subrat Kar, Co-Founder, Zootout. What can people do on Zootout.