Throughout the verse form McCaig uses word pick and imagination techniques to show the double sided nature of the bull. This simile in the opening contributes a joking manner and gives a light-hearted opening, along with a description of the cop. Still, they attend separate yeshivas and inhabit very different worlds. The poem is about MacCaig experience of New York as he hears and views it from his hotel room. Hieroglyphs are pictures that were used as language in Ancient Egypt. Throughout this journey MacCaig emphasises and shows the reader that the poem is Scottish

We see that the way he behaves on the streets of Brooklyn contrasts with how he is at home with his wife. It’s not a very flattering image as it compares the man to a gorilla. Listening Assignments For Brooklyn College 2. Leave your email and we will send you an example after 24 hours Later they have their second and last child Neely Nolan. Sorry, but copying text is forbidden on this website. The poem reveals the danger his wife also faces, the fear of her husband not returning home safely at night.

The poet I’ve chosen is Norman MacCaig.

brooklyn cop norman maccaig essay

Also, concluding verse one is a phrase in which MacCaig shows that the cop has a different side to him when he is at home around the people he loves and cares for and when he is on his line of duty. It concerns the dangerous and violent world that policemen in New York, or anywhere in the world can face.

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This shows the aggressive, violent nature of the cop and his behaviour on the job. The influence of the landscape around Mont-Roig, in southern Catalonia, brooklhn be seen This shows the aggressive. By portraying the cop as both a threatening animal and as a vulnerable human being, MacCaig questions how civilised modern society is and suggests the dehumanising nature of violence.


Soon, after six months of meeting, and getting married they have their first child, Francie Nolan who is eleven when the book begins.

brooklyn cop norman maccaig essay

Although the policeman is imposing and strong, we also see him as being vulnerable and human. The policeman is imposing and strong, even threatening, but we also see him as being vulnerable and essxy. Her father drinks more and more and becomes worthless Whitman challenges the linear notion of time by connecting past with future. McCaig does this with the usage of imagination and word pick.

Poetry – Norman MacCaig

You can get this essay on your email. However, the rest of this phrase shows the vulnerability that his role in society brings. We use cookies to give you the best experience possible.

Additionally, it could suggest that he has scars on his face that, again, tell us of the violent nature of his previous experiences. The poem “Notes on a Winters Journey and a Footnote” is about MacCaig himself travelling on a journey from Edinburgh to the very north of Scotland to visit a friend who passes away just before he arrives there. I think MacCaig used the metaphor perfectly as it is hard to make mice kaccaig nice.

Brooklyn Cop by Norman MacCaig

The dual sided nature of the cop is shown through the physical description that McCaig uses to convey him. His exchanges with maccaib wife underline the severity of the dangers that he faces each day.

The poem is about MacCaig experience of New York as he hears and views it from his hotel room.


Images of brutal and violent behaviour from the police in response to civil rights protests and demonstrations had been shown around the world. As Francie grows maccaiig she begins to lose her innocence through a tree-throwing ritual and an encounter with a sex offender who was shot by Katie.

brooklyn cop norman maccaig essay

This is used in an effective way to compare a cop with a gorilla which clearly sends across the message that the cop is big built, but he also adds a bit of humour in this part of the poem — making out that the cop is tougher than a gorilla. The poet utilises parenthesis during this verse to fully illustrate this point.

I think that this is The repetition of hoped it goes some way in stressing the danger of his environment, hinting at desperation and contrasting with the casual dialogue between the policeman and his wife.

Here, the reader is given the impression of an imposing figure who is a formidable presence.

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Listening Assignments For Brooklyn College 2. The fact that every day working is a life threatening situation for him is continual throughout the poem, as is the fierce, tough and scary characteristics of this Brooklyn cop.

MacCaig uses stereotypical landscapes and weather to emphasise his feelings mqccaig the poem. MacCaig’s tone can be read jokily, implying the cop is even less timid than a not-very timid gorilla.